How will leadership in the list of resin materials affect the structure of the industry?


After the start of autumn, Shengquan Group, a national technological innovation demonstration enterprise with several exclusive key technologies, opened the harvest season.

August 10, Shengquan Group, which has many business cards such as the leading domestic polymer material enterprise, the national sole champion production demonstration enterprise, and the key agricultural industrialization leading enterprise, officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. was found for the leap development of high-tech enterprises with a globalized layout.

Shengquan Group, located in Zhangqiu District, Jinan City, is a leader in the integrated energy-saving use of straw and a manufacturer of thermal insulation materials for the return cabin of the Shenzhou spacecraft. It has won many titles such as the national "Green Factory" and China's Top 500 Private Manufacturing Enterprises.

The data show that in terms of production and sales volume of phenolic and furan resin, Shengquan Group ranks first in China and first in the world, and is the national champion demonstration enterprise in two fields of phenolic resin production. and foundry auxiliary materials.

Deeply develop the synthetic resin main path and overcome a series of "neck stuck" technologies

Synthetic resin is a kind of artificially synthesized polymer compound, which is a kind of resin that has both or exceeds the characteristics of natural resin. The three main synthetic materials in the world include synthetic resin, synthetic rubber, and synthetic fiber. Synthetic resin is the synthetic material with the highest yield and consumption.

In terms of use, the most important application of synthetic resin is in the production of plastics. In addition, it is also the main raw material for the manufacture of synthetic fibers, coatings, adhesives, insulation materials, etc.

At present, with increased competition in the domestic synthetic resin industry, increased environmental protection supervision, and increased pressure due to industrial upgrading, the market concentration of the domestic synthetic resin industry has further increased. The reporter learned that in recent years, this high-tech enterprise has developed deeply along the main path, and has successively launched a series of synthetic resin and composite materials products. Its subsequent application areas have gradually expanded to mechanical engineering fields such as automobiles. , wind power and nuclear power, as well as integrated circuits, liquid crystal display, railway transport, aerospace, ship transportation, energy saving in buildings, high-qualitybrake pads, high-quality abrasive abrasives, metallurgical refractories, marine anti-corrosion, 3D printing and other areas of the national economy.

Why did Shengquan knock on the door of the capital's market?

It is understood that, relying on its R&D strengths in synthetic resins, this high-tech company has developed new polymer materials for the electronics field and overcome the technical problems of the "stuck neck" in the field of electronics materials. . It is understood that Shengquan Group is the largest supplier of electronic resins for PCB substrate materials in China. At present, it is the only supplier in China that can supply batches of phenolic resins for TFT photoresist. It supplies electronic quality phenolic resins, special epoxy resins, new functional resins such as maleimide resins are the main materials for advanced manufacturing processes such as 5G communications, chip manufacturing, and new AMOLED displays.

At the same time, as a key national leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, they have developed biomass processing technology with independent intellectual property rights, which has been included in the "Clean Technology Promotion Directory" by the National Development and Reform Commission. This facility refines and effectively uses the three main components of hemicellulose, lignin and cellulose in agricultural waste straw, producing not only xylose, L-arabinose, surfactants, dispersants, binders and ethanol. At the same time, lignin and hemicellulose can be used. to produce lignin, phenol, furfural, etc. for the production of furan and phenolic resins, forming an integrated production chain of biomass chemical industry and synthetic resin industry, fully revealing the synergistic effect of the production chain.

Biomass processing technology also provides a new energy option. Lignin from straw can be used to produce aviation kerosene and biochar. The development of lignin-based aviation kerosene technology has been included in a major project in Shandong Province to create new and old kinetic energy. transformation.

Technological R&D is a killer function based on innovation and aiming to reach the target of 100 billion industries

"Owner of 719 internal authorized patents, including 495 invention patents; there are 72 standards, industry standards, group and local standards, including 35 national standards."

This dataset indicates the confidence and strength of Shengquan Group as a national technological innovation display enterprise and a national intellectual property display enterprise. The head of the company stressed to the outside world that we were inWe always insist on technology research, development and innovation to make the company bigger and stronger.

The prospectus shows that the high-tech company is actively involved in the optimization of the customer's production process and the development of new products, focusing on market demand, and developing products used in high-tech equipment, railway transportation, aerospace, integrated circuit and other fields.

Backed by strong research and development, Shengquan Group is constantly expanding its area of ​​operation and maintaining long-term cooperative relationship with well-known domestic and foreign customers, such as Xinweixiang, Danisco, Hongren Electronics, HAEWON FM CO. , LTD and Shengyi Technology. Serve thousands of customers from over 70 countries and regions in China, Europe, America, Southeast Asia and South America.

The data from the prospectus show that from 2018 to 2020, Shengquan's operating income will be 6.189 billion yuan, 5.882 billion yuan and 8.319 billion yuan, net profit attributable to the parent company will be 523 million yuan, 471 million yuan, and 877 million yuan. This indicates that the company's revenue for the reporting period showed good growth dynamics.

It is understood that Shengquan raised a total of 1,946,250,600 yuan, and these funds will be used for the expansion project of phenolic high-quality composite materials and resins, the automatic transformation and expansion project of ceramic filter casting and riser production lines, and the construction of scientific and technological innovation center, high-tech electronic chemicals projects and additional working capital.

It is estimated that after the fundraising projects reach production capacity, the scale of Shengquan Group's revenue will be greatly improved; at the same time, it will overcome the existing capacity constraints, and the upstream and downstream distribution of the production chain will be more reasonable. The relevant person in charge of Shengquan Group said that we will unswervingly follow the path of innovation and development, stimulate new kinetic energy with innovation, promote the quality development of traditional industries, new industries and high-tech industries, build industrial enterprises. framework of 100 billion yuan, and create a Chinese manufacturing industry.Industrial national brand.

Science and Technology Daily Reporter/Wang Yanbin

Editor/Fang Hui