what kind! This year, the material of the case again went beyond the scope?


If until the 21st century the main characters of watch case materials were precious metals, stainless steel, titanium and their alloys, after entering the 21st century, with the continuous deepening of cooperation between materials science and the watch industry, titanium, sapphire, high case materials, such as high-tech ceramics, carbon fiber and bronze have started to appear and become popular in the market. However, watch brands have never rested on their laurels, they are still exploring and experimenting with innovative materials, changing the ratio of the materials themselves or introducing advanced environmental technologies that can be processed into new materials with more modern characteristics. In this year's new watches, we see the birth of many new materials and new colors, their appearance not only opened up limitless possibilities in the watch industry, but also gave us a lot of new attempts in choosing watches.


HRC ceramics

what kind! This year, the material of the case again went beyond the scope?

Recently, RICHARD MILLE has presented three colored women's watches RM 07-01 made of colored ceramics to women. Even though this is a ceramic watch, it is different from the high-tech ceramic commonly used in the market today. Exclusively made by RICHARD MILLE, TZP ceramic is more than 95% zirconia, so it has better corrosion resistance, better hardness and better toughness than sapphire, and the ideal low density can also provide an amazing matte finish.

what kind! This year, the material of the case again went beyond the scope?

RM 07-01 Women's watch with colored ceramics

The three new watches use TZP ceramic cases in different colors and dials made in the art deco style, especially the central dial, consisting of geometric shapes that are symmetrically fused with ceramic inserts and rubber parts, plus RICHARD MILLE For the first, engraving over time with hand-guilloché pattern forms a segmented central dial. These lines not only subtly echo the floating hour markers on the microblasted titanium flange, but also contrast with the color of the ceramic case and the two-tone rubber strap.


Orange sapphire

what kind! This year, the material of the case again went beyond the scope?

Sapphire cases are not uncommon these days, but the rarity is that in Hublot's hands it can always grab people's attention with new colors. Following on from clear, all-black, red, yellow, blue and green sapphires, this year Hublot has introduced a new orange sapphire from the Big Bang series. The color is mainly due to the addition of titanium and chrome elements, as well as the transparent bezel. the case is finely polished, with 6 of Hublot's iconic H-shaped titanium screws, which is even more charming.

what kind! This year, the material of the case again went beyond the scope?

Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Orange Sapphire

Hublot has also used more sapphire materials in the process of creating the movement. The all-new homemade self-winding movement MHUB6035 features three sapphire watch bridges for the first time, namely a mainspring bridge and an automatic bridge. and tourbillon. Plywood, a large number of hollow structures and sandblasted platinum materials echo each other, further emphasizing the light texture of the hollow process, while the pure geometric shape fully reveals the mechanical beauty of the watch.


Lime Gold

what kind! This year, the material of the case again went beyond the scope?

Inspired by the legendary Minerva professional military watches of the 1920s and 1930s, Montblanc is presenting many very interesting 1858 series this year, including this Montblanc-exclusively designed 18k gold watch. Forged case in lime-gold alloy. also for the first time he appeared in the watch creation of the brand. Lime Gold is a special alloy of 18 carat gold (Au 750‰), silver (Ag 238‰) and iron (Fe 12‰) in a retro style.

what kind! This year, the material of the case again went beyond the scope?

Rattarapante Chronograph Series 1858

To match the 44mm 18k "lime gold" case, the eye-catching gold dial is adorned with sunburst engraving and is paired with eye-catching green accents, including cathedral-style luminous hour and minute hands, minute track, center rattrapante second hand, speedometer and rangefinder scales, etc. create a harmonious and unified visual experience. In keeping with the classic design, the outer edge of the dial features a tachymeter scale, a classic feature of the legendary Minerva chronograph that also adds practicality and charming style to this new timepiece.


Recycled eSTEEL™

This year, Panerai has taken an active part in the production of watches from environmentally friendly recycled materials. It uses eSTEEL™ recycled recycled steel material to create Luminor Marina watches with the brand's deepest roots. Among watches with a total weight of 152.4 grams, 89 grams. Components made from sustainable recycled materials, including external parts such as the case, crown bridge and dial, account for 58.4% of the watch's total weight. In order to achieve the same corrosion resistance and physical structural strength as the 316 steel material commonly used in the watch industry, recycled steel materials require special professional processing and recovery technology, and this is the first time that the French steelmaker UGITECH has used recycled steel and watch precedent for cooperation.

Luminor Marina

eSTEEL™ watch

On the dark blue model PAM01157, the case and dial are made of eSTEEL™. Despite the use of recycled materials, the sophistication of the dial is still impeccable. The layered dial is a dark blue gradient effect, the gradient changes from almost black to light blue from 6 to 12 o'clock and is covered with a bright polished effect. In addition to the PET resin strap made from recycled materials, which is also in navy blue, the crown uses a matching dial color for the first time. This design is eye-catching.


Gold bronze

This March, Omega launched three new Seamaster 300 models. In addition to the stainless steel models with black and blue plates, there is also a special style: a bronze and gold model. The inevitable downside of traditional bronze watches is that they develop a patina as time goes by, and Omega Bronze Gold, like the previous 18K Moonshine Gold and 18K Sedna Gold, is the only one on the market. It is reported to be composed of 50% copper, 37.5% gold, and a small amount of palladium and silver, so it not only retains the playability and retro feel of bronze, but also perfectlysolves the problems of the most traditional bronze material.

Hippocampus 300 Bronze Gold

The decoration of the watch dial also echoes the retro feel of bronze and gold. It is still a sandwich structure, but the top layer is made of pewter bronze because this part is under the mirror, which is almost equivalent to the closed state, so the patinas will not, only the dark brown color will remain after special processing of the material, which will deepen the retro feeling of all watches. The dial, timeline and inscriptions are also combined in a bronze-gold tone that echoes the case material and at the same time forms a very special light-to-dark brown gradient effect with the background color of the dial.