what are natural resins


Natural resins are organic compounds that are naturally produced by trees to promote healing, protect from external factors and seal wounds. They are composed mainly of organic compounds such as terpenes, esters, and hydrocarbons. Resins are used for many applications such as adhesives, coatings and finishes, varnish and shellac, film forming and encapsulation, abrasives, and sealalnts.

Resins have been used for centuries as a source of material for many projects, as they are easy to shape and provide a long-lasting, strong, waterproof material. Natural resins may be divided into three categories: hard resins, soft resins, and semi-soft resins. Hard resins are high in molecular weight and thick in consistency, while soft resins are low in molecular weight and thin in consistency. Semi-soft resins have medium molecular weight and consistency.

Hard resin is most common type of resin used for many industrial applications. It is typically derived from pine trees, and offers superior durability, strength, and water resistance. Common uses of hard resin include furniture finishes, boat sails, decking boards, and tool handles.

Soft resins are generally derived from resin of cedar tree. They are mainly used for outdoor applications such as building materials, recreational equipment, and flooring. Soft resins are more flexible than hard resins, making them better suited for outdoor applications where expansion and contraction occur due to temperature changes.

what are natural resins

Semi-soft resins are normally derived from resin of maple trees. They are used in projects that require a combination of flexibility and strength, such as window frames and musical instruments. They are also used in certain cosmetic and medical applications.

Natural resins are also used in food industry, especially for preservation and enhancement of flavor in products such as candy and pastries. They are often used to coat fruits and vegetables to prevent spoilage, and to help preserve color and texture.

In summary, natural resins are organic compounds that are produced by trees to protect and heal wounds. Resins are divided into three main categories: hard, soft, and semi-soft. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and is used for different industrial and recreational applications. Resins are also used in food industry for preservation and enhancement of flavor in products such as candy and pastries.