Advantages of resin sand casting machine bed castings


Castings are also closely related to everyday life. For example, commonly used doorknobs, door locks, radiators, plumbing pipes, irons, gas stoves, irons, etc. are all castings.

Benefits of using resin sand casting machine bed castings

1 The resin-sand mold has good rigidity and high strength sand mold at the initial stage of pouring, which makes it possible to use graphitization expansion in the process of cast iron solidification to effectively eliminate shrinkage cavity and shrinkage defects, and to realize without riser and without riser of gray cast iron and cast iron with nodular graphite.

2 In the production of solid castings, expanded polystyrene is used for molding, and non-hardening furfur resin sand is used for molding. When molten metal is poured into a mold, the foam pattern quickly evaporates under the action of high-temperature molten metal, burns out and disappears, and the molten metal takes its original position occupied by the foam, cools and solidifies. to form a solid casting with the same shape as the sample.

3 Relatively speaking, investment casting has great advantages over traditional sand molds for the production of piece or small-scale car panels, machine beds and other large molds. It not only saves expensive wood mold costs, but is also easy to operate , shortens the production cycle, improves production efficiency, has the advantages of high dimensional accuracy, small machining allowance and good surface quality.