The use of epoxy resin in various fields


Epoxy resin is a composite material made of epoxy resin, epoxy resin hardener and special filler as raw materials, resistant to abrasion and damage. The design is simple and convenient. So, in what areas are epoxy resins used?

1. Architectural Coatings: Primarily used as anti-corrosion materials, metal primers and insulating coatings, but heterocyclic and epoxy resin coatings can also be used outdoors.

2. Adhesives: suitable for various metal composite materials such as aluminum, steel, iron, copper, laminated glass, wood, concrete and other non-metal materials, as well as polyurethane elastomers such as phenolic resin, hydroxyl, unsaturated polyester, etc. It has excellent adhesive properties, which is why it is called universal glue. Epoxy adhesives are an extremely important building adhesive.

3. Electronic materials: epoxy composite resin has the characteristics of high performance insulating layer, high bearing capacity and good sealing performance. It is widely used in the form of insulating layer packaging for high and low voltage electrical appliances, motors, and electronic components.

4. Engineering Plastics and Composite Materials: Epoxy engineering plastics mainly include epoxy molding compounds, epoxy laminated plastics, and epoxy injection molding foams. Epoxy engineering plastics can also be considered as epoxy composite materials in a broad sense. Epoxy composite materials mainly include epoxy, glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-corrosion (universal composite materials) and epoxy structural composite materials such as pultruded epoxy aluminum profiles, spiral hollow rotating products and high performance composite materials. Epoxy composite materials are key structural materials and new functional materials in new technology areas such as chemical plants, airlines, aerospace, and national defense.

5. Civil building materials: mainly used as anti-corrosion floor, epoxy cement mortar and reinforced concrete products, land and runway management, quick repair technical materials, foundation reinforcement building materials, building adhesives and materials, etc. The above is an introduction to the application of epoxy resin in various industries.