metal siding material


When it comes to metal wall panel materials, you may still have doubts. What are metal wall panels? What metal can be used to make wall panels?

In fact, common metals such as gold, silver, steel, copper, iron, aluminum and their alloy materials can be used in architectural decoration. Steel and aluminum alloy are widely used because these two materials are relatively more economical. You are presented with the following two metallic materials.

metal siding material

1. Steel plate

Steel sheets can be divided into stainless steel sheets, color coated steel sheets, profiled steel sheets for construction, etc.

metal siding material

Stainless steel for architectural decoration mainly includes Crl8Ni8, 0Crl7Ti and 1Crl7Mn2Ti. However, its cost is relatively high and it is not suitable for large scale use.

Color coated steel sheet is a new type of building material, which is divided into three types: organic coating, inorganic coating and composite coating. The most widely used is organic coating. This type of steel sheet has high weather resistance and is commonly processed into exterior wall panels, roof panels, corrugated panels, furniture and car body series, etc., featuring high ductility and convenient installation.

metal siding material

Profiled steel sheets for construction refers to thin steel sheets subjected to processes such as rolling and cold bending. It is widely used in the construction of roofs, suspended ceilings, interior and exterior reinforcing surfaces.

2. Aluminum plate

Aluminum plates are divided into pure aluminum plates and aluminum alloy plates. Pure aluminum plates have lower hardness and poor compression resistance, so there are few of them.

metal siding material

Aluminum alloy is light in weight and strong in ductility. It is commonly used in door and window railings, shelves, suspended ceilings and other scenes. However, its compressive strength is worse than steel sheets, so it is not suitable for load-bearing buildings.

Many decorative design companies are now using metal decorative panels for exterior wall and wall cladding, not only because of the high ductility and formability of metal decorative panels, but also because of their changeable and bright surfaces. , its economy is unmatched. other decorative materials.

With the continuous development of the construction industry, the number of types and styles of exterior wall decorative panels is also increasing. On the way to innovation, many decorating companies are also facing some challenges when making decorative panels for exterior walls. become the biggest challenge for decorative companies.