Which tile is best? Are you unable to choose?


Wuhu Botian Building Materials: There are many types of tiles on the market, so which one should you choose? This is also a question that is getting more and more confused. Under normal circumstances, the roof can be divided into two types: flat roof and sloping roof. For flat roofs, cement mortar is directly used for finishing, while for sloped pitched roofs, tiles can be used for finishing. However, there are many types of tiles, and the decorative effects are also different, so some methods and techniques should be paid attention to when buying. Next, the editor has compiled some relevant information, let's take a quick look at one or two!

Which tile is best? Are you unable to choose?

Common types of shingles currently on the market include: cement shingles, ceramic shingles, polymer shingles, asphalt shingles, colored steel shingles, colored stone metal shingles, metal composite shingles, antique metal shingles, polymer shingles and so on. Further. So what is the difference between them?

(1) Cement tiles: Cement tiles are widely used. Cement tiles are made from cement with the addition of appropriate pigments and then molded. In the connection, the waterproof performance is not bad, suitable for ordinary houses, independent villas and other places. .

Which tile is best? Are you unable to choose?

(2) Ceramic tiles: Ceramic tiles are made of ceramic materials, which are waterproof, impervious to water, easy to install, lightweight, and come in a variety of colors. They are an ideal roofing decoration material, but are not widely used.

Which tile is best? Are you unable to choose?

Ceramic tiles

(3) Resin tile: Resin tile is a very light material that can protect against rain and sun to a certain extent, and its surface color is relatively bright, which is very beautiful compared to previous earthen houses, so it is also called Many people like it, and the most important thing is that the cost of this material is extremely low. Compared with high-quality building materials, the price is very close to the people.

Which tile is best? Are you unable to choose?

Resin tiles

(4) Asphalt shingles: Asphalt shingles are made from asphalt as a raw material, and then mixed with fiberglass in proportion. Self-adhesive, so the construction process is relatively simple, and the paving strength is also good. It is currently most commonly used in rural areas.

Which tile is best? Are you unable to choose?

Asphalt shingles

(5) Colored steel tile: The surface of colored steel tile is coated with colored expanded clay or baking varnish. Decoration of roofs and walls of various factory buildings and warehouses.

Which tile is best? Are you unable to choose?

Colored steel tiles

(6) Colored stone tile: As a new type of waterproof material, colored stone tile is also in line with the current policy and is an environmentally friendly tile. In some western countries, such as the United States, Europe and many other buildings, colored stone metal roof tiles are used, because some traditional clay and cement tiles are gradually being eliminated and replaced by new products. Its application area mainly includes roof construction, concrete construction, rural new construction, old house renovation, flat-to-slope conversion, light steel structure and wood structure, and all roofs with a roof slope of more than 12 degrees can use colored stone tiles.

Colored stone metal tile

(7) Metal Composite Roof Tile: Metal composite roof tile is a new type of roofing material composed of 3003 series aluminum manganese alloy and modified bitumen base subjected to high temperature and high pressure. The coating on the surface of the alloy uses a fluorocarbon roll coating process, which has very excellent weather resistance and can reach 15 years without fading and powdering. The unique air gap improves the thermal insulation performance of the roof, keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer, which truly meets the needs of people in the living environment.

Metal composite roof tiles

(8) Antique metal tile: Antique metal tile is mainly used in ancient architectural styles. As an environmentally friendly building material, it is gradually replacing the traditional tile, winning the market. At present, ancient buildings are protected throughout the country. After a long period of winds and rains, many ancient buildings have become old or unfinished. In order for us to restore and restore better, we must often maintain and restore antiques in a later period. Restoration, of course, is impossible We use the original traditional way of producing building materials. At this time, new ancient building materials are applied, which can be used in any weather and place, without fear of wind, rain and frosty weather.

Old metal tile

(9) Resin composite tile: Resin composite tile is also a new type of environmentally friendly tile. The core material is based on aviation resin material with high weather resistance, and alkali-free high strength fiber is used as the reinforced core. A new type of high-quality tile, produced with modern high-temperature casting technology and no firing, inheriting the classic style of green tubular tile and small blue tile, simple and elegant, generous and heavy, compared to tiles sintered from clay. has a classic and beautiful tile shape, light weight, high strength and easy installation. Simple and fast, delicate and heavy texture, rich and durable colors, maintenance-free for the entire service life. At least 50 years old, it is the most ideal decoration for all kinds of high-end permanent buildings, especially new prefabricated houses. Tiling.

Polymer composite tiles

Having read the above introduction about shingles, I believe everyone understands this better. Currently, there are many types of roof tiles on the market, and prices range from tens to hundreds. Different types of tiles have different advantages and characteristics. When building roofs, you can choose the right tile for you according to your needs and economic possibilities!