What different materials should be used for clean rooms in different industries?


What different materials should be used for clean rooms in different industries?

Clean barn

Different materials have a direct impact on the cleanliness and effect of a clean barn.Different industries have different choices of materials for a clean barn due to their industry specifics. The following is a detailed introduction to the characteristics of clean sheds of different materials and which industries they are suitable for use.

1. Fangtong clean stainless steel barn. Stainless steel square frame clean barn has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, rust and durable, generally equipped with mesh curtains, acrylic panels and glass railings. This type of clean canopy is suitable for high humidity and volatile gas workshop environment, which can effectively prevent rust and corrosion of the clean canopy. This type of clean shed is suitable for food industry, cosmetics industry and scientific research experiments.

2. Fangtong aluminum profile clean shed. Aluminum baffles are suitable for metal processing because they are more flexible. For example, aluminum partitions, which can be machined into arcs, semicircles, or other shapes, are most common in clean hangar frames. Dexin Zhiyuan aluminum square frame has independent intellectual property rights, and the installation is more convenient and reliable. The body can be equipped with vertical curtains, mesh curtains, acrylic, glass, etc., suitable for optical lenses, electronic processing and assembly.

3. Baking paint Fangtong clean shed. Tiefangtong is a painted pure Fangtong canopy made by multi-layer electrostatic spray etching. Fangtong baking paint does not have such good metal properties because the hardness is too high and it is not easy to process and shape. However, the price of baking varnish is more economical, has a certain price advantage, and the cost is lower, and the color of baking varnish can be customized according to the requirements of the enterprise. The fence can also use hanging curtains, mesh curtains, acrylic, glass, etc. Industries such as precision machining are more suitable for this type of clean shed.