Can regular paint replace colored steel tile repair paint?


At present, many colored steel roofs have corroded after prolonged exposure to sun and rain, especially the roofs of large factories that need to be repaired due to severe corrosion. So can you replace colored steel tile repair paint with regular paint?

As we all know, the color steel tile is exposed to the outside for a long time, and it is exposed to the sun and rain all year round, which requires that the paint used for repairing and spraying the color steel tile has better weather resistance. For example, in the north, the low temperature time of the year is relatively long, and the paint with good frost resistance can cope with this task. Generally, ordinary paint is in the low temperature state for a long time, and the skin paint becomes brittle and cracks easily. Color steel tile restoration paint with good extensibility, good toughness in a certain range of thermal expansion and contraction of the paint film, long-term use can also be well attached to the metal surface, insulating water and air, and can play a protective role. The hot and humid south tends to have more rain, so anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion performance should be emphasized. Professional color steel tile repair paints usually add highly effective anti-corrosion additives to the primer and are more resistant to rainwater immersion, while conventional paints are relatively poor in this regard.

Ordinary paint does not withstand long-term tests at all. Paint skin is relatively brittle, and easily cracks and flakes after prolonged use. We know that once leather cracks and flakes, the metal surface will be exposed to the air. It will be in direct contact with the metal surface, so that the metal roof will gradually oxidize and corrode. There is a lot of rain in the south, and the corrosion and rust of the metal roof exposed to the air will continue to increase for a long time. In severe cases, a roof made of old colored steel tiles will leak and weaken, making future repairs difficult, and sometimes even needing to replace the colored steel tiles on the entire metal roof. In the long term, it is still cost-effective to use professional color steel tile repair paint for metal roof repair. Although the cost of the material is currently a little more expensive than ordinary paint, it can protect colored steel tiles for a long time. so that it won't corrode and rust too quickly. However, if ordinary paint is used, there will be problems in the short term, and it cannot play the role of long-term rust and corrosion protection. If it is frequently reapplied, the cost will be relatively high.

MoveIn summary, the quality of the paint sprayed in the repair of colored steel tiles is very important and is completely incapable of ordinary paint. We should pay attention to this when we do color steel tile repair. It is recommended to use professional color paint for steel tile repair. For example, Si Ding Steel Tile Restoration Color Paint has very good properties of rust and corrosion prevention, frost resistance, high temperature resistance, UV resistance, acid resistance, salt and alkali resistance, and is very easy to use. this is what we usually refer to as priming once and surface twice. When repairing painted and colored steel tiles, sanding, rust removal and cleaning are also very important, and low-level processing is also an important part. After being processed in accordance with building standards, in mostly 3-5 years will not prevent rust. #色级库#色级坪锅复杀液#Special paint for repairing colored steel tiles