High temperature resistant PPA nylon, an alternative to metal materials


PPA is also known as high temperature resistant nylon, the heat distortion temperature exceeds 300°C, and the continuous use temperature is 170°C, which ensures short-term and long-term thermal performance. Under the conditions of high temperature and high humidity, the tensile strength of PPA is 20% higher than that of nylon 6, and higher than that of nylon 66. The bending modulus of PPA material is 20% higher than that of nylon, it has high hardness and can withstand long-term tensile creep. PPA is more resistant to gasoline, grease and coolant than PA.

PPA can be reinforced with carbon fiber and glass fiber for better material properties. The advantage of these new materials is that they can safely replace aluminum and magnesium without losing stiffness or strength, and are electrically conductive.

If PPA is reinforced with carbon fiber, after modification due to its low water absorption, high dimensional stability, good resistance to chemical hydrolysis, high strength and modulus, it can be used to make automotive structural parts for body, chassis and power units. systems, pumps, fans, gearboxes and compressors in industry, as well as durable and ultra-light consumer electronics parts.

The mechanical properties of PPA can be controlled by the choice, composition and technology of carbon fiber and glass fiber additives. Napan's new material grade PPA A201X35 contains 35% glass fiber filler, which has high impact strength, high stiffness and high fluidity, and its strength and modulus at 80°C (conditions) are better than magnesium or aluminum. Manufacture of parts from magnesium or aluminum requires additional post-processing and tools, which increases material costs. New PPA materials have the ability to reduce weight by 25-30%.

PPA oil pump housing

These properties of PPA materials contribute to functional integration and weight reduction in various industries. For example, by reducing the weight of structural elements or power units, it is possible to increase the service life of vehicles equipped with electronic drives or fuel cell engines; light and thin precision designs in consumer electronics benefit from the high rigidity and strength of PPA materials and excellent dimensional stability High stability, extremely light weight and excellent processability; Thanks to the carbon fiber reinforced PPA, it has good dimensional stability and high chemical resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance, it can easily be used to produce pumps, compressors and other heavy, highly loaded, long-term durable industrial equipment.

The development direction of electrical components is miniaturization and high temperature unity, and PPA's superior performance can come in handy. Flame retardant PPA has excellent electrical properties, high HDT, high temperature bending modulus, and thin-walled parts can be processed with minimal flash, which is suitable for the production of switchgear, connectors, brush holders and motor brackets.

PPA Connector

PPA grade mineral filler is used in applications such as reflective surfaces and metal coatings, including car headlights, decorative pipes and hardware. Unreinforced impact resistant PPA has excellent mechanical balance and high temperature performance, extraordinary toughness, and these properties are little affected by humidity, including oilfield components, military products, sporting goods, fan impellers, gears and personal safety products, etc. 

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