Do you know how to quickly repair a worn faucet shaft online?


A mixer is a mixer because the normal function of a mixer is to mix and blend all kinds of dry powder solutions, which is why it is commonly referred to as a mixer. Common mixer shaft failures include abnormal wear, abnormal noise, and breakage. Signs of abnormal wear often appear before abnormal noise and breakage.

Do you know how to quickly repair a worn faucet shaft online?

Method of rapid repair of mixer shaft wear

The traditional repair welding method easily causes damage to the material, resulting in deformation or destruction of parts, which has great limitations. Brush coating and spraying, and reprocessing methods often need to be outsourced, not only the repair period is long and the cost is high, but because the repaired material is still a metal material, the cause of wear cannot be fundamentally solved, and many parts can only be replaced by recycling, which greatly increases production costs and spare parts in stock. Recovery according to the traditional mode often requires repair after shutdown and disassembly, which is expensive and time-consuming repair, difficult to operate, and requires large labor and material resources.

A simple, effective and quick method for repairing a worn mixer shaft

Resin composite material convenient repair, the material can be repaired on site, it usually only takes a few hours to complete the repair, the repair process is also simple and convenient to operate (surface treatment on the worn part of the shaft, and then apply the material to the part to be repaired and wait, until the material hardens), saving a lot of labor, material and financial resources for the enterprise and reducing losses caused by sudden or serious equipment problems.