Why iron box packaging is the first choice for food packaging?


In connection with the constant improvement of people's living standards, more and more manufacturers began to pay attention to product packaging. At present, most of the packaging in the market is divided into plastic packaging, carton packaging and iron box packaging. At present, many product packaging in the market have been replaced by iron boxes, but why do they choose iron box packaging?

Iron box for food

1, due to its good airtightness, preservation, lightproofness, strength and unique metal decoration, the food box has a good insulation effect, and its airtightness is much higher than that of other packaging materials to achieve moisture resistance. , waterproof, dustproof and corrosion resistant;

2, the appearance of food iron box packaging is more exquisite, with bright patterns and bright colors, and the metallic luster on the packaging surface greatly enhances the aesthetics of the product;

3, iron food packaging has great advantages in transportation, which can well protect products from damage;

4, the iron box has the characteristics of environmental protection and saving, it can be recycled and recycled or used to store items.