Analysis of metal elements


Anatomy of chemical elements

Chemical elemental analysis generally refers to the analysis of metal composite materials, stainless steel plates, etc.

Detection of metal materials: cast iron, stainless steel plate, steel rod wire, standard parts, rare metals and products, various metal production, etc.

Metal alloy inspection: aluminum alloy profiles, titanium metal, light aluminum alloys, electric sliding doors, auto parts, various metal products, etc.

Stainless steel detection: grade identification, tensile test, elemental analysis, compression test, tensile test, etc.

Non-destructive testing: flaw detection of pipelines, non-destructive testing of machinery and equipment, flaw detection of standard parts, flaw detection of heating furnaces, flaw detection of metal structure production, etc.

Inspection of welding consumables: welding wire, flux, welding rod, gas cutting, fiber solder, etc.

Coating coating control: coating, alloy coating, metal coating, electroplating

Inspection of the solar pole: zinc layer adhesion, zinc layer uniformity, support frame flexibility, toughness, toughness

Test elements

Process performance check:

Relative density, Rockwell hardness, Brinell hardness, Shore hardness, Leeb hardness, thermal diffusivity, transverse elongation at break, resistivity, melting temperature range, compact compressive strength, green compressive strength Strength, particle size analysis, etc.< /p>

Mechanical testing:

Tension Test, Stress Relaxation Test, Room Temperature Torsional Test, Torsional Fatigue Test, Rolling Wear Test, Fracture Toughness Test, Shape and Modulus Test, Charpy Pendulum Impact Test, Imprint Test , fatigue test, creep test, dynamic rupture test, room temperature compression test, tensile test, etc.

Corrosion Energy:

Salt spray corrosion test, stress corrosion test, air corrosion test, solution immersion test, outdoor corrosion test, drop volatilization test, corrosion fatigue test, cycle time spray impact test outdoor, steel outdoor accelerated corrosion test, stainless steel plate stress corrosion experiment, etc.

Chemical elements:

Silver (Ag), Gold (Au), Palladium (Pd), Platinum (Pt), Rhodium (Rh), Ruthenium (Ru), Iridium (Ir), Osmium (Os)

Chemical properties

Atmospheric corrosion, stress corrosion,intergranular corrosion, crevice corrosion, corrosion fatigue, synthetic atmospheric corrosion

Test criteria

GB/T 14265-2017 Detailed rules for statistical analysis methods for hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and sulfur in metal composite materials

GB/T 223.4-2008 Measurement of manganese content in steel and aluminum alloy, potentiometric or visual titration

GB/T 223.7-2002 Vermicelli - Measurement of iron content - Titration with bravo acids

GB/T 223.11-2008 Steel and aluminum alloy. Chromium measurement with visible burette or potentiometric titration

GB/T 223.23-2008 Steels and aluminum alloys. Determination of nickel content. Diacetyloxime photometry

GB/T 223.29-2008 Steel and aluminum alloys. Measurement of lead content. Average precipitation. Xylenol Orange Photometry

GB/T 223.31-2008 Steels and aluminum alloys. Measurement of arsenic content. Fractional distillation. Photometry with molybdenum blue

GB/T 223.64-2008 Steels and aluminum alloys. Determination of manganese content. Flame atomic absorption emission spectroscopy

GB/T 223.65-2012 Steel and aluminum alloy. Measurement of cobalt content. Flame atomic absorption emission spectroscopy