Black diamond, king of diamonds, have you ever seen a black diamond?


What is a black diamond? Black diamonds are a special rare gemstone known for their incredible beauty. Discover the meaning and value of black diamonds.

At the age of thirty lived a football player, the Brazilian Leonidas da Silva, nicknamed the Black Diamond. Both because of the color of his skin and because black diamonds are precious and very rare.

But most importantly, they also look great because black diamonds are very different from white diamonds or any other diamonds. They are distinguished not only by color: black diamonds simply have a mysterious origin and composition.

This is a matte darkness caused by iron oxides and iron inclusions in the stone, which are formed from a different type of carbon than other diamonds.

Therefore, black diamond jewelry is mysterious and amazing. Especially rings with black diamonds.

Black diamond, king of diamonds, have you ever seen a black diamond?

What are black diamonds? Characteristics of black diamonds

Black diamonds range from deep black to lighter charcoal smoky.

Like colorless diamonds, they are the hardest (and hardest to retain luster) substance on earth, but they are more porous than other diamonds. #natural diamond#

Black diamonds do not have the same "fire" or brilliance as white diamonds, but have their own mystical glow.

Black diamonds are the rarest members of the natural diamond family.

black diamond ring

Black diamond rings are usually worn by men, although engagement rings for women are becoming more and more popular.

Black diamond, king of diamonds, have you ever seen a black diamond?

This is due to the fact that black diamonds are usually adorned with titanium rings, which are worn mainly by men.

The contrast between light metal and dark stone enhances the color intensity of the diamond.

For women, a diamond ring is usually a black diamond surrounded by white diamonds.

As a rule, black diamonds look better with a simple cut, which is great for men.

The famous black diamond

The famous Korloff Noir black diamond was once the treasure of an influential Russian family and is now owned by Parisian jeweler Daniel Paillasseur. According to folk legend, the 88-carat stone brings good luck to those who touch it.

On the other hand, the Orlov diamond (or "Eye of Brahma") was supposedly cursed because it was stolen from a Hindu temple, and three owners, two Russian princesses and an American jeweler, committed suicide. #Black diamond#

The African Black Star is a magnificent black diamond that is said to have disappeared during an exhibition in Tokyo in 1971.

The Gruosi Diamond is the largest heart-shaped diamond in the world. It was found in a necklace with various smaller gems.

Actress Carmen Electra received a black diamond engagement ring from boyfriend Rob Patterson. 

Origin of Black Diamond

White diamonds and other colored diamonds are usually mined from explosive volcanic rocks, while black diamonds are found in alluvial deposits in Brazil and the Central African Republic. #Diamond Ace#

In a 2006 article published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, researchers suggested that black diamonds could not be found below the Earth's mantle, like other diamonds, but could have originated in outer space and subsequently entered the Earth's atmosphere.

Black diamond, king of diamonds, have you ever seen a black diamond?black diamond price

The price of each gemstone will vary depending on various factors, especially the gemological classification of gemstones into four categories (color, cut, carat, clarity, i.e. color, cut, weight and clarity). In this case, black diamonds, due to their special properties, cannot be considered. #Diamond Miracle#

Other factors such as cut (especially technique), assembly or sale of the jewelry, and size also affect the price. Estimates to date have been around $450-600 per carat, but there have been record-breaking cases such as the Amsterdam Black Diamond sold at Christie's auction in 2001 for $352,000.