Foamed copper metal has high performance and has a great future in the construction industry.


The foam metal has high metallic characteristics, and its main features are: the internal structure contains a large number of foam-like pores, and the pores between metals exceed 90%.

It has a low density and is easy to process. In addition, there are many types of industrially produced metal foams, but the most common ones are nickel foam, copper foam, etc. These special metal foams have various metal functions and are used in many fields such as construction.

1. Fire resistance and heat resistance

Styrofoam has many advantages, such as low density and light weight, it can be widely used in the process of building a house without worrying that the wall will be too heavy. It also has high heat resistance and can be fireproof. In high temperature areas, use them to cover the roof without worrying about the heat inside the house.

It cuts off the hot air from the outside, and the inside of the house is still very cool and comfortable! What's more, when a fire breaks out, you don't have to worry about burning a large area of ​​the room, it can block the fire source and protect your private property!

2. Light

Insomnia metal is mainly made by powder metallurgy and electrodeposition, so compared to other porous metals, its gaps are larger, and the pores in the foam are also large, which reduces the weight of the metal. The overall quality is relatively light. in use, and it can be used as a light building material decoration to reduce the damage caused to people by typhoons blowing on houses.

3. Soundproofing and noise reduction

Metal instant noodles also have good soundproofing effect. Loud music is played in many entertainment venues. In order to prevent interference, they choose metal instant noodles to decorate their homes, which can reduce indoor sound propagation. Have the least impact on surrounding residents.

4. Environmental Protection

In addition, there are many bubbles in the middle of the foamed copper metal, and the quality of the metal used is relatively low, which can reduce costs and save more mineral resources, saving resources and protecting the environment.

Therefore, they are widely welcomed by the market and used in various fields such as aerospace, military, building materials, etc., and have broad development prospects.