Plasma surface treatment improves adhesion between adhesive and rubber


The rubber industry uses plasma surface treatment technology. Ions in the plasma are used to accelerate chemical corrosion or to accelerate the impact on the substrate. This selectively changes the surface's shape, thereby improving adhesion and adhesion.

Natural rubber, styrene rubber butadiene rubber or nitrile rubber are all treated with concentrated sulfuric acid. The rubber surface is treated with concentrated sulfuric acids. It is hoped that it will slightly oxidize. Excessive oxidation causes more brittle structures to form on the rubber surface. This does not promote adhesion.

It is best to not use too much solution to clean the surface or remove the release agent. This will prevent the release agent from transferring onto the surface and inhibit adhesion. The material to be etched can also be converted to a gas phase by air treatment and discharged. Concave etching can be used to improve adhesion between materials.