Recommended materials for repairing roof traps


1. Polymer concrete waterproofing material with a plastic raw material component. The construction is simple and has good adhesion to various rural bottoms.

2. Highly elastic waterproofing sealant for flat roofs, usually one-component. Various colors are possible, taking into account the moisture-proof effect and decorative effect.

When purchasing raw materials, determine whether the product has a certificate of conformity and national standards (the national standard is being implemented. Products that implement the national standard and product standards are strongly discouraged). As a rule, reliable brand manufacturers have detailed product information, and even door-to-door paint bucket delivery is printed with actual construction methods and procedures.

If you decide to do the building yourself, you can call the manufacturer and ask for a building plan. If you choose master building, when buying raw materials in the mall, go shopping with the master, and make a rational choice based on your own recommendations, and also prevent the master from receiving a kickback for buying raw materials.

Finally, after waterproofing the ground, it is best to apply a protective layer of cement mortar 2-3 cm thick. Protecting the ground waterproofing from damage and UV embrittlement can significantly increase the life of the waterproofing.