More valuable than rare earth elements! This highly toxic exotic metal can also be used to make rockets.



Rare earth resources play a very important role in the current international situation, and my country is also a country with a large amount of rare earth resources. The value of these rare earth metals far exceeds the value of gold and currency, and they play an indispensable role in today's high-tech field, so any country that wants to purchase rare earth mines in our country will be strongly rejected.

However, a strategic metal more valuable than rare earths has recently been discovered in the Xinjiang region of my country.

This metal is highly toxic and surprisingly valuable. It can be used in military and economic progress, and its value is beyond description. The name of this metal is beryllium.

What is beryllium?

Beryllium is an extremely rare metal in nature and one of the earliest minerals discovered by man. The color of this metal is similar to stone, and most of them have an unattractive off-white color.

As a natural mineral, beryllium is extremely rare in the universe. The chemical elements represented by this metal can be found in the periodic table (Be).

They say that rare things are expensive, and the price of such an extremely rare metal in nature is, of course, ridiculously high. If there is a large amount of beryllium in the country, this will be of great help to the economy of the entire region and even the country.

The role of beryllium

Of course, beryllium is a non-currency metal, and its role is still reflected in its use in day-to-day manufacturing activities. Substances like beryllium can be used in modern military affairs. This metal cannot be considered only as precious stones. , but it is also an extremely suitable material for nuclear power generation.

With the help of common sense physics, we can all know that the main reaction of nuclear fission will be accompanied by the generation of a new neutron. Thus, new neutrons in nuclear fission are inextricably linked with the use of nuclear weapons, and how to capture or at least flexibly use these connections is the most important issue in the production of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy.

Metallic beryllium can play an important role in regulating the energy in the generation of neutrons produced in nuclear reactions. Simply put, beryllium can help people regulate the energy and power of nuclear fission.

We can understand beryllium as a reducer in the production of nuclear energy, which is also a "brake valve", which scientists believe is the best. With the existence of this highly effective substance, when we use nuclear energy for production, you can practice boldly with more confidence.

The importance of beryllium is not only reflected in the production of nuclear energy, we can easily find this metal in all aspects of modern technology.

Beryllium and spaceships

Beryllium is widely used in rocketry and spacecraft manufacturing.

The history of human space exploration spans decades. During this time, there have been many space accidents, as a result of which the astronauts died. Therefore, the question of how to maximize the safety of astronauts in the process of production and production of rockets has always been a problem that astronomical departments of different countries want to solve.

Beryllium has largely helped people solve this problem.

The beryllium element can help the space capsule reduce its own temperature by the friction of the atmosphere attached to the surface of the space capsule, it can have a heat absorption effect, ensure the temperature inside the aircraft is suitable for operation. tools and astronaut survival.

At the same time, this substance can also help spacecraft drifting in space to absorb a large amount of cosmic rays, thereby reducing the impact of these rays on instruments and human bodies.

What's even more amazing is that compared to the same type of aerospace material titanium, the total mass of beryllium is more than 70% lighter, and its protective effect is in no way inferior to this space metal supermaterial. Therefore, beryllium plays a very important role in the production of the space industry in today's era.

Distribution of beryllium

Beryllium is an extremely scarce metal in the world. It is now mostly distributed in the southern hemisphere, such as Argentina and Brazil, and rare in the United States and Madagascar. The total proven reserves are about 400,000 tons.

The discovery of beryllium ore in Xinjiang by our country is undoubtedly good news for the Chinese.

The beryllium mine, located in the Autonomous Region of Bukhara-Mongolia, Tacheng District, Xinjiang, is the largest beryllium oxide deposit in Asia. Such huge beryllium reserves are undoubtedly good news for our country.

Experts suggest that the total resources in this belt of deposits could definitely exceed 40,000 tons, which means that we have found in our country that the total reserves are about 1/10 of the world's beryllium production.

Toxic beryllium

Although beryllium plays a very important role in industrial production, one cannot ignore that this substance itself contains very strong toxicity. After contact with people, it can directly affect our body in a short period of time. The internal structure of the cell damages our organs, leading to various diseases.

This is a serious blow to our nervous and immune systems. For ordinary people like us, this metal is not a secret treasure that can turn over and make a fortune, but a poison that kills people.

Due to the inherent toxicity of beryllium, any organization that wants to develop it must have excellent technology. According to the current situation in our country, we will not export rare metals such as beryllium.

Now we also have the independent ability to develop and use it systematically and safely. It is not recommended to fish at the end of the river. This style of doing business for a long time in order to catch big fish is the philosophy that we must adhere to.


Beryllium is a metal that requires a very large investment to turn a profit, so any gathering of beryllium ore must go through several levels of approval.

However, judging only by the current situation, beryllium mines will definitely play a very important role in the economic development of my country. The 40,000 tons of beryllium ore from Xinjiang is also a very strong support for the development of my country's nuclear power and aerospace industry, and will definitely benefit us ordinary people in the future.