Application of Ceramic Coating Technology


Abrasion is a common occurrence that causes products to fail due to dimensional changes. Therefore, there are spare parts and service, and there is the end of the service life. But what if the product is abrasion resistant before use? In recent years, the research progress and application practice of ceramic coating technology is growing like the rising sun in my country, and gradually penetrate into various products in the manufacturing industry.

Ceramic coating technology allows conventional materials to achieve higher complex performance. Corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and ablation resistance can be obtained with coating materials at the nanometer or micrometer level using special equipment. For example, by treating the cylinder liner coating of an internal combustion engine, the overhaul cycle of an internal combustion engine can be extended, and the fuel consumption level is stable, and it can also run without lubrication; By processing the coating of the machine guide, the service life of the machine with high precision can be extended; Coating treatment of measuring tools and cutting tools can extend the service life of measuring tools and let the manufacturing industry get more benefits. It has been reported that the use of high-temperature alloy turbine blades and turbine discs in aircraft engines may allow the design of more advanced aircraft engines; Ceramic coatings are sprayed on the surface of the rollers of high-temperature furnaces, which have good high performance characteristics. temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, adhesion resistance and anti-knock properties. The presence of sagging and self-cleaning and cleaning functions can not only greatly increase the service life of the furnace roller, but also produce steel with a smooth surface and high quality; the inner wall of the gun barrel can significantly increase the accurate life of the gun; sputtering on titanium alloy substrate Bioactive ceramics can have good chemical compatibility and produce ideal artificial bone materials; it is difficult to accurately describe the prospects for applications in shipbuilding, the chemical industry and food engineering.

Our country is a major manufacturer of vacuum packaging equipment and a major consumer of such equipment. There are no precise statistics to quantify its production and reserves. We know that the vacuum pump is the main product with great performance and low price, but it is really the most important factor influencing the performance of vacuum equipment. The price difference between my country's vacuum packaging machine and the best similar products in the world is ten times! Apart from the brand factor, there is indeed a big gap in its quality. Factors such as exhaust efficiency, vacuum degree and service life are quite important.visible. The application of ceramic coating technology for the production of vacuum pumps will be of great importance to improve the performance of vacuum equipment and improve the market competitiveness of products (base products and finished products). So far, no application of ceramic coating technology for vacuum pumps has been reported. The reality of vacuum pump manufacturing and ceramic coating technology has matured, but they have never been combined. I hope that through this article, some companies will take this opportunity to contribute to the development of the company and the industry.