Which is better metal film or ceramic film? what are the differences?


According to the current automotive glass films on the market, they are mainly divided into two categories: metal film and ceramic film, but there is a lot of discussion about which of the two is better. The reason why it is impossible to distinguish between good and bad is because between There are too many differences between metal film and ceramic film. If you want to know which one is better, it really depends on the car owner's own preferences and needs. Understanding the specific performance differences between them. After all, different environments are suitable for different people.

Next, let's look at the differences between metal membranes and ceramic membranes!

(1) Thermal insulation effect

Previously, metal films were deposited by vapor deposition, and the material was mainly a single layer of aluminum. Now the metal film uses magnetron sputtering technology, which improves many precious metal components such as gold and silver, and has high thermal insulation performance;

The materials used in the ceramic film (metal oxides such as alumina, zirconium and indium oxide) can replace metal as a thermal insulation coating, and the thermal insulation performance is between the metal film and the upper metal film.

(2) Transmission and reflection coefficient

Metallic film can reflect infrared rays a lot, but it blocks visible light somewhat and impairs visibility inside the vehicle. The top metal film can achieve selective penetration of infrared and visible light, achieving the final balance while still providing light transmission, it can also reflect and insulate heat, so no need to worry about the reflection problem;

Ceramic film has good light transmission, can achieve high light transmission and low reflection, and provides a good view of the driver and passengers in the car.

(3) Block signal

The metal film has little effect on the signal, so it is not recommended to install the metal film for some original car navigators with a weak signal, and some cars with ETC in the car may also cause interference, just need to open an additional one in the ETC area. Enough mouth;

Because the ceramic film does not have the metallic activity of the individual materials, it will have no effect on the signal.

(4)Terms of Use

The thermal insulation performance of the metal film is very good, but it will oxidize after long-term use, and the general warranty is about 5 years;

The material characteristics of the ceramic membrane are very stable, and the service life will be longer than that of the metal membrane. The general warranty is about 5-10 years.