Removable filter housing helps businesses save energy


The filter is a common device in the industrial conveying system and plays an important role in the piping system. It is usually installed at the inlet of pressure reducing valve, safety valve, fixed water level valve and other equipment to filter out gas impurities or other large particles. It is usually installed in the piping system to protect pumps, air compressors and other equipment. The normal operation and operation of the machine can stabilize the process and ensure safe production.

Y type filter

The removable filter cartridge needs to be taken out and cleaned during filter maintenance. The traditional method of insulating pipe fittings is inconvenient, laborious and laborious to disassemble, and is not suitable for insulating special-shaped equipment. Obviously, the traditional insulation method is not suitable for filtration insulation.

Y type filter

There are different types of filters. In addition to the usual Y-shaped filters, there are also various specially shaped filters. Therefore, in the manufacture of insulation covers, they are usually made according to specific dimensions so that the insulation covers fit the equipment better. To achieve the expected insulation effect.

Y type filter

So, what are the benefits of a removable covhot filter bag?

Firstly, the detachable insulating cover is convenient for disassembly and installation, and convenient for maintenance and cleaning of the filter;

Secondly, the removable insulating cover is specially made for the filter, which ensures good insulating effect and reduces economic costs;

Thirdly, the removable insulating casing is neat and beautiful in appearance, which is convenient for cleaning;

Finally, the removable insulating filter cover can be reused, flame retardant and flame retardant, with long service life and high cost efficiency.