how to reattach exhaust heat shield


If you are looking to solve problem of a rattling exhaust heat shield, you’re in luck - it’s a relatively simple project that you can complete in comfort of your own driveway or garage. The heat shield is important; its purpose is to protect your car from excessive heat generated by exhaust system. Depending on your vehicle, a heat shield may be necessary for passing inspection or for optimal performance. Here are some steps you can take to successfully reattach a detached exhaust heat shield.

how to reattach exhaust heat shield

1. Find All Missing Pieces

The first step is to find all pieces of heat shield that have fallen off. Look in area around your car, paying special attention to any crevices or areas that are hard to reach. It’s important to find all pieces so that you can properly reattach heat shield.

2. Clean Heat Shield

Once you have all pieces, you should clean heat shield before reattaching it. Using a cleaning solution and a cloth, gently wipe away any debris or dirt. This will make it easier to reattach shield and ensure it remains securely in place.

3. Reattach Heat Shield

When it’s time to reattach heat shield, you’re going to need some supplies. You’ll need some screws, nuts, and bolts of appropriate size for job. You may also need some washers depending on size and type of heat shield you have. Once you have all your supplies, you can begin to reattach heat shield by screwing screws, nuts, and bolts into appropriate places.

4. Check Heat Shield

Once heat shield is reattached, you may want to check it again to make sure it’s secure. Put your hand near area and rattle heat shield to see if it moves. This will help you determine if shield is securely attached.

how to reattach exhaust heat shield

By following these steps, you should easily be able to reattach your exhaust heat shield. This will help ensure that excessive heat generated by your car’s exhaust system is properly contained. Additionally, if you live in a region that requires your car to pass emissions testing, having a properly attached heat shield will help you pass test.