Do I need to install a thermal insulation pad in the central console of the car? The old driver will tell you about the pros and cons!


After buying a car, the vast majority of friends will decorate the car to make it more suitable for the owner's needs. Now that the hot summer has arrived, the car will once again turn into a steamboat under the hot sun, and the owner may feel a sour sensation when getting into the car. Since the front windshield of the car cannot block the sun exposure, the car will continue to heat up after being in the sun for a long time, and the center console will always absorb heat, and the owner will feel hot when he touches it with his hands. his hand. To prevent the center console temperature from getting too high, some car owners put a thermal pad on the center console so that even if it is constantly exposed to the sun, the center console will not get too hot. What are the pros and cons?

Do I need to install a thermal insulation pad in the central console of the car? The old driver will tell you about the pros and cons!

What are the benefits of installing an insulating pad?

1. Prevent refraction of sunlight

Make your vision clearer. We have such experience while driving. When exposed to direct sunlight, vision control is not as accurate as before. It has to do with the refraction of the sun. With a sun protection pad in the car After that, it can effectively prevent the sunlight from refraction so that we do not have good visibility while driving due to the sunlight problem, and can also improve our driving safety.

2. Thermal insulation

With the central control car sun shield, we can effectively block the damage to the car center console caused by high temperature caused by direct sunlight, and use the car center panel heat insulation function to protect from the sun. prevent our center console from sun exposure will not produce some volatile harmful substances due to sun exposure.

3. Absorption of ultraviolet rays

The protection panel of the central control car can also absorb ultraviolet rays so that we can feel more comfortable while driving.

But we also need to be clear about the disadvantages of installing a central control insulation pad. Firstly, the addition of thermal insulation pads creates hidden threats to traffic safety. The driver's airbag is placed on the steering wheel, while the passenger airbag is placed on the instrument panel. airbag deployment, which poses a huge safety risk for safe driving. Secondly, since this accessory is produced by few large manufacturers, the quality of sunscreens is ambiguous. If you buy sunscreens from "garbage" materials, they not only do not provide protection, but also cause great harm to the air inside the cabin. automobile. Third, because the central control thermal insulation pad is not easy to clean and maintain, it is very easy to hide dust and dirt, which is harmful to our health.

In general, if it has a serious impact on vision while driving, it is recommended to install sunscreen and a thermal pad. If it's just to prevent direct sunlight from hitting the center console, the editor still recommends you don't buy a sun mat, after all, apply sunscreen. Pads have many disadvantages, but the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. The need to install it or not depends on individual needs.