Rubber and plastic roof aluminum foil insulation materials have good thermal insulation effect (Zhongya thermal insulation)


Rubber-plastic thermal insulation material is a popular new thermal insulation material, and its advantages are obvious. Among rubber and plastic insulating materials, there are special insulating materials such as aluminum foil, rubber and plastic insulating materials. This type of insulation material is more suitable for the thermal insulation of cement roofs, greenhouse roofs and solarium roofs, and the effect is good. So why does it work so well? 

Aluminum foil, rubber and plastic insulation material is a kind of insulation material, the main raw material of which is rubber, which has excellent performance. It adds a thin layer of aluminum foil based on conventional rubber and plastic insulating materials. This layer of aluminum foil gives rubber and plastic insulating materials characteristics that other insulating materials do not have. The aluminum foil rubber plastic thermal insulation material has low density and low thermal conductivity, combined with the foam structure of the rubber plastic thermal insulation material, it can insulate the heat energy inside and outside the roof, thus achieving good thermal insulation effect.

The thermal insulation of the roof must be done well, otherwise the temperature of the whole house will be affected by the outside temperature, it will be cold in winter and hot in summer, and comfort in the house will decrease. It is recommended to use aluminum foil rubber-plastic insulation material. If you want to install it more conveniently and quickly, you can choose adhesive-backed aluminum foil rubber-plastic insulation material. When using it, you only need to clean the roof, tear off the kraft paper on the back and carefully lay down the insulation. The material can be pressed and pasted, which is simple and convenient. When we insulate the roof with aluminum foil, rubber and plastic insulation materials, the temperature inside the house will be warmer in winter, and the house will not be too hot in summer, really warm in winter and cool in summer. In addition, the surface of aluminum foil, rubber and plastic insulation material is smooth and does not absorb water, which can play the role of waterproof and moisture-proof effect on the roof. Because the appearance of this material is also neat and beautiful, it also has a certain decorative effect when used on the roof.