Aiante: a little knowledge of the heat shield


1. What is a heat shield

Heat insulation board is a kind of insulation material. It can effectively avoid the heat transfer caused by air convection, so the thermal conductivity can be greatly reduced. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving. Insulation materials.

Heat Shield

2. the characteristics of the insulation board

1. The product does not contain asbestos, does not harm the environment and the human body, has good mechanical and dielectric properties, good moisture resistance, good processability;

2. Low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal insulation, high efficiency and energy saving up to 30%~60%, high temperature resistance, excellent high temperature bending strength;

3. Low coefficient of thermal expansion, no delamination, good mechanical strength, excellent chemical resistance;

4. Uniform heat distribution reduces unnecessary heat transfer, shortens preheat cycle times and reduces heat energy consumption;

5. The operating temperature range of the product is 0℃~800℃, and the product size range is 20*20*3~800*600*15 (special sizes can also be customized), which can meet different temperatures. Requirements for the use of insulation.

3. Types of insulating panels Aiante: a little knowledge of the heat shield

Types of insulation panels

4. Selecting a heat shield

Thermal conductivity and density: high/low

Operating temperature: 0℃-800℃

Bending and compressive strength: strong/weak

Processing difficulty: difficult/easy

5. Scope of the heat shield Aiante: a little knowledge of the heat shield

Scope of the heat shield