How to maintain an ultra-low temperature air source heat pump in a hotel


Ultra-low temperature air source heat pumps are similar to conventional heat pumps. After a period of operation, maintenance is also required. In terms of water quality, the water quality in the north is worse than in the south, so it is easier to scale when the water temperature is high. The environment, the working environment is more harsh, the dust is large, and the ambient temperature is low. Proper maintenance will make the device more stable, with higher efficiency and longer service life.


1. Users should be careful when using and maintaining the heat pump: all the safety protection devices in the unit have been adjusted before leaving the factory, and do not disassemble or adjust them by yourself.

2. If the device fails and the user cannot solve the problem, contact the service personnel.

3. If the shutdown time is long, drain the water from the unit's piping, turn off the power supply and put on the protective cover. When restarting, perform a comprehensive system check before starting.

How to maintain an ultra-low temperature air source heat pump in a hotel

Regular maintenance of ultra-low temperature air source heat pumps includes: 1. Maintenance of electrical components, 2. Inspection of the environment, 3. Maintenance of water pipes and water tanks, 4. Internal maintenance of the unit.

1. Maintenance of electrical components

Regularly check the reliability of the power supply of the device and the electrical wiring, as well as the health of the electrical components.

Second, check the environment

1. The area around the device must be kept clean and dry with good ventilation. Clean the air side heat exchanger every year to maintain good heat exchange effect.

2. Check for wooden planks and leaves falling on the unit to avoid damaging the unit's fan blades.

3. Exposed wires or sensor wires should be protected with appropriate wire tubes to prevent mice from biting them off.

3. Maintenance of water pipes and water tanks

1. Check if the water pump and water valve work normally, and if there are any leaks in the water pipe and water pipe connection.

2. The water filter installed outside the unit should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the water in the system is clean and to avoid damage to the main unit caused by a dirty filter in the unit.

3. Frequently check that the water supply to the water supply system, the water tank safety valve, the liquid level regulator and the exhaust device are working properly to prevent air from entering the system and reducing the amount of water. circulation, which will affect the heating capacity of the unit and the reliability of the unit.

4. Device Internal Maintenance

1. The internal maintenance of the unit mainly refers to maintenance of the shell heat exchanger and maintenance of the plate heat exchanger.

2. The maintenance method of the shell heat exchanger is to use 20-30 degrees warm water and a 5% concentration cleaning solution to run the main motor on a cycle and clean for 2 hours, and then clean it with tap water for 3 times cleaning.

3. Finned heat exchanger maintenance method: In relatively dusty places, use a special brush to brush off the dust from the fins, and clean it with clean water after brushing; select an appropriate degreasing liquid for cleaning and rinse with water after cleaning.

How to maintain an ultra-low temperature air source heat pump in a hotel