Analyze the installation of energy-saving heat protection cover (clothing) for extruder pipeline heating equipment from 4 aspects.


The flexible and removable thermal insulation clothing for the heating system uses nano airgel thermal insulation material, which can effectively insulate heat and can be customized according to the size of the equipment, to achieve the dual purpose of helping the equipment save energy. and reduce consumption, as well as facilitate maintenance and maintenance. In recent years, it has become more and more popular among plastic product manufacturers. Today, we will talk about its use effect and necessity from four aspects.

1. Economic Analysis

Insulated heating systems and heat treatment equipment generate heat that is dissipated into the surrounding area, resulting in thermal inefficiency and persistent electrical heating. Energy-saving heat shield can effectively reduce heat loss and save electricity. This can save a lot of money. Thermal insulation clothing can also keep the temperature of the equipment in a stable working condition.

As an example, consider eight sets of extruder head heater components of a plastic film manufacturer's extruder head:

The total design power of the heating system is 100.9 kW,

Temperature 280 ℃, energy consumption per day without heat storage device: 330 kWh,

Daily energy consumption after installation of thermal insulation cover: 235 kWh

Energy saving every day: 95 kWh (29% energy saving factor),

Calculate 0.85 yuan/kWh if the machine head works 240 days a year.

It is expected to save 19,380 yuan for the whole year.

2. Convenience Analysis

Removable insulation is equivalent to a proper sheath on heating pipes, making it easier to temporarily install and remove during inspections.

3. Security Analysis

Energy-efficient heat shields ensure the safe operation of heating and process equipment. They also protect the temperature of the device from the environment. This protects nearby workers from heat-related injury and illness, especially indoors, and reduces the risk of equipment overhaul.

Fourth, noise control analysis

Insulating clothing not only effectively insulates heat and heat, but also blocks sound. Industrial process equipment can generate levels of ambient noise that can distract workers, cause anxiety, cause permanent hearing loss, or prevent people from communicating or hearing alarms. Facility managers can reduce overall indoor noise levels by using removable, insulating clothing.