What are the benefits of motor insulation?


In the thermal insulation industry, we often encounter users who need to insulate car engines, because whether it is a large engineering vehicle or a small family car, the heat generated by the engine will be transferred to the cabin, if it is not insulated, greatly affect the experience driving and even have a certain degree of danger.

A removable engine heat shield solves this problem. Its function largely prevents the aging of our engine or the aging of car paint caused by the high temperature of the engine, and plays a very good protective role.

Specially for the current high temperature weather, it can effectively prevent the engine hood from being baked and protect the paint on the side of the hood.

When the temperature is relatively low in winter, the removable engine heat insulation cover can also protect the engine room temperature from dropping quickly, so the engine room temperature will not drop sharply, which can greatly reduce the need to restart the engine caused damage.

What are the benefits of motor insulation?

Finally, let's summarize the benefits of a removable engine heat shield roughly as follows.

1. High temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, heat resistance, low heat capacity;

2. Excellent insulation at high temperatures, long service life;

3. It has the ability to resist corrosion of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and zinc;

4. Good strength at low and high temperatures;

5, non-toxic, harmless, no harmful effects on the environment;

6. Convenient design and installation.