Do you know where FRP grating can be used?


FRP grating application:

Water treatment: maintenance lanes, gutter covers, large containers, cleaners, trash racks, water tanks, biochemical pool hangers, ventilation windows, ladders, cooling tower operating table cover

Chemical plant: stair slabs, work platforms, railings, double-layer floors, trench covers, gratings

Oil industry: offshore oil platform

Textile factory: replace metal grate, wooden platform and cover with concrete floor next to bleach and dye vats, floor, near this valve, etc.

Power plant: covering the trench of a chemical water treatment plant, a wastewater basin, etc.

Treatment of metal surfaces: etching of liquid spots, replacement of wooden floors around machines, around highly corrosive containers, electroplating line passes, two-layer primer

Food processing plants in the ocean: harsh environments such as slippery surfaces on ships

Transport industry: platforms, ship decks, walkways, military minesweepers, stairs

Beverage industry: ladder boards instead of expensive stainless steel, stressed floors

Pulp processing plant: stairs and floor slabs, footpaths, places with high humidity

Electronics industry: trench coating, pickling shop, anti-static (anti-static mesh) and high-purity shop

Meat processing plants: corrosive floors, stairs, slippery floors, workbenches and stair steps

Car Wash/Dealership: Car Wash Drainage Board, Parking Space, Car Wash Trench Cover

Crane: on the bridge of a 3m or 6m crane

Other: anti-corrosion shelves, decorations, square fountains, scaffolding, civil engineering facilities, breeding fences and double-layer floors, etc.

Operating Platform: Many chemical plants have a large number of operating platforms. FRP mesh working platform is used as the covering material. It is corrosion resistant, does not require painting, does not require maintenance, and has a long service life. It can be used for fifteen to twenty years. Light weight, compared with steel, the weight is reduced by three quarters, so there is no need to use lifting equipment when installing, and it is more suitable as a working platform supported on the equipment. It is very convenient to cut the opening of the FRP grating. The arc saw can be used to easily open the hole according to the requirements of the installation equipment, and the mechanical properties of the grating will not be changed due to the opening, let alone the mesh. The fence is scattered. Lightweight fiberglass gratings are more suitable for mobile operating platforms. In addition, the correct design makes the FRP grating a certain elasticity, which can reduce the fatigue of the personnel working on it forlong time, and improve work efficiency, so it is an ideal work platform material.

Aisle: Plants (such as chemical plants, smelters, etc.) often have many aisles, some of which serve as walkways between equipment and some of which are used for inspection. These passages are usually welded from round steel. An anti-corrosion coating is applied. yearly. These walkways are made of FRP grating without treatment, which can not only keep the bright color of the walkway for a long time, but also make the walkway structure light, and with a non-slip sand surface layer, it is the best choice. for outdoor paths in the northern ice-snow season.

FRP grating

Gutter cover: Electrolysis workshops in many chemical and smelting plants, chemical processing workshops in power plants, pickling workshops in electroplating plants, battery plants, engineering plants, pharmaceutical plants, printing and dyeing plants, salt mines, etc. number of trenches , Most trenches are corrosive liquids. Traditional trenches use steel angles, flat iron welded gratings, cast iron gratings, and cement linings. The workshop looks fragmented and the use of fiberglass gratings can solve the corrosion problem well. At the same time, it is convenient to drain sewage into the ditch, and it is also convenient to observe the situation in the ditch at any time.

Offshore Oil Platform: Conventional offshore oil platforms often use steel sheets as the cover material. The harsh oceanic climate and seawater erosion cause these materials to become severely corroded, increasing unsafe factors. Fiberglass gratings are successfully used abroad. In these harsh environments, a three-quarter weight reduction makes it easier to work with components such as foundation piers, and when properly designed, it can also reduce the overall cost of a platform.

Wastewater treatment: From a wastewater treatment point of view, fiberglass grating can be used as a cover material for a working platform under a cooling tower, as a suspension for a pyrolysis water treatment pool, and as a walkway for maintenance of a wastewater treatment plant. .

Stair steps: Chemical and petrochemical plant production facilities often have several floors or even tens of floors, and a large number of stairs are used. Traditional welding of steel sheets or round steel welded ladders will be quickly destroyed in these corrosive environments. The stair treads supplied by our company not only solve the problem of anti-corrosion protection, but are also anti-slip and wear-resistant.

Fence. Enclosure is usually required around large storage tanks for medium and high pressure equipment in a plant. Runlin grating is the ideal material for these areas due to its insulating, corrosion resistance, bright colors and ease of installation. In addition, it can also be used for windows, fences, etc. in chemical plants with aggressive environments.

Roof Platform: The walkway and platform at the top of the tank are often heavily corroded, with rust spots everywhere, which is intimidating. On the platform and walkway, the danger of accidents is often hidden, which suffer from severe corrosion. FRP Grid Tank Roof Platform This situation can be reversed.

Anti-corrosion shelf: There are a large number of battery storage shelves in the battery factory. The use of glass fiber reinforced plastic shelves can effectively solve the problem of the non-corrosion resistance of traditional shelves.

FRP grating

Two-layer primer: in many corrosive workshops, such as pulp cleaning workshops in pulp mills, electroplating workshops in electroplating plants, etc. The traditional working method is that operators, finished products, waste and waste liquid are on the same ground. Consist of FRP gratings, the bottom layer is the base of the building, the operator walks on the surface of the grid, the finished product can be placed on the surface of the grid, and the waste liquid and slag can be dumped into the lower base ground. The sprinkler is used for flushing and cleaning piles on the ground, which not only makes it easier for operators, but also makes it easier for management personnel to go to the site to check the work.

Boat Deck: Used as a deck material for a boat or a bridge, which can greatly reduce the weight of the deck, increase the carrying capacity, and prevent the environment of the ship and sea water from being corroded. Its excellent anti-magnetic properties are more suitable for use on minesweepers.


1. Due to the low density and lightness of the material, when installing FRP gratings, which are easy to float in areas with high water tables, anti-float measures such as urban piers or dredging for rainwater runoff must be considered.

2. When building opening tees on the installed fiberglass grid and repairing cracks in the pipeline, there must be completely dry conditions similar to those in the factory building, and the resin and fiber cloth used in construction must be cured for 7-8 hours, while as in construction and repair on site, it is usually difficult to meet this requirement.

3. The existing underground pipeline detection equipment is mainly used to detect metal pipelines, and non-metal pipeline detection equipment is expensive, so it cannot be detected after the FRP mesh is buried, and other subsequent building blocks are very easy to dig and damage pipes during construction.

4. The fiberglass grille does not provide good protection against streetultraviolet. FRP surface grating slows down aging time by creating a 0.5mm thick resin layer and UV absorber on its surface (factory processing). Over time, the resin-rich layer and UV absorber will be damaged, which will affect their service life.

Production process

There are three main types of FRP grating production process: reciprocating fiber winding process, continuous fiber winding process and spin casting process.

Reciprocating fiber winding process (related to the fixed length method): In this process method, the dipping tank is reciprocated with a rotating mandrel, and long fiberglass filaments are placed at a certain oblique angle relative to the axis of the mandrel. the angle (that is, the winding angle) is controlled by the ratio of the speed of the immersion tank to the rotation speed of the mandrel, and the forward movement of the immersion tank is controlled by a computerized electromechanical control. The number of winding layers is gradually increased until the calculated wall thickness is reached. After winding is completed, the resin in the article substantially solidifies. After curing, the core mold is separated from the glass steel pipe.

Continuous filament winding process (referring to the continuous method): this process is that the pipe passes through a feeding station that feeds pre-impregnated roving, chopped fiberglass and a mixture of resin and sand in motion. Runs in an ongoing process.

Spin casting process (refers to the fixed length method): In this process, chopped glass fiber reinforced material and sand are fed into a steel mold mounted on a bearing, and an unsaturated catalyst with catalyst is injected into one end of the mold. steel mold Resin, since it is impregnated with reinforcing materials, under the action of centrifugal force, the resin displaces the air in the fibers and fillers, thereby obtaining a dense composite material without pores. Due to the action of centrifugal force, the inner wall of the pipe forms a smooth, smooth and resin-rich inner surface layer, the pipe is cured at a higher temperature. useThe pipe made by this method is also called FRP sand pipe.

There are far more manufacturers worldwide who use the reciprocating fiber winding process for pipe production than the other two manufacturing process manufacturers. One of the reasons is that fiberglass steel pipes made by reciprocating fiber winding process have wider application and better applicability. . . .

Do you know where FRP grating can be used?
Do you know where FRP grating can be used?