What is the difference between glass cup and crystal cup?


What is the difference between a glass water tumbler and a crystal water tumbler? If you see this question, if you have been following the editor's article for a long time, you will have doubts, because in the previous article, the editor said that crystal cannot be used as a material for the production of liquid glasses, since crystal contains radioactive substances and heavy metals, long using crystal glasses can cause irreparable harm to the body. The crystal liquid glass mentioned here is actually an artificial crystal liquid glass.

What is the difference between glass cup and crystal cup?

What is the difference between a glass water cup and a faux crystal water cup?

Yesterday, the editor once again spoke in detail about the main materials of glass cups currently on the market. Let's take a look at them. As long as the glassware in the daily necessities circulating in the market is mainly soda-lime glass, medium borosilicate glass and high borosilicate glass, the editor will not repeat the differences between these materials. Friends who want to know, please read the small Edit previous article or video. Which of these materials are artificial crystals? None of the above materials are artificial crystal.

We can see natural crystals in many places or in various videos that are shiny and crystal clear. Natural crystals have been used as symbols of wealth in many regions and dynasties along the long river of history, so it is inevitable that there will be many merchants or consumers who want to use crystal water glasses to show their taste and value. However, due to the fact that natural liquid glass crystals are harmful to the human body, and the quality and size of natural water glasses required to make water glasses are very limited, people have begun to use artificial crystals for production and processing.

The appearance of artificial crystals is not caused by the market need for crystal glasses, you can look for detailed reasons, but I will not brag about my knowledge here.

Artificial crystals are processed from a glass solution. Except for the obvious difference in internal texture from natural crystals, the clarity, perspective and hardness of artificial crystals are very similar to natural crystals. At the same time, due to the good thermal conductivity of crystal, a glass made of artificial liquid glass will feel cold in the hand, but not glass.

The hardness of artificial crystal is much greater than that of glass, so the production of artificial crystal glasses is more difficult than the production of ordinary glass glasses. The wall thickness should not be too thin. If it is thin, it will be more broken during grinding and cutting. Therefore, artificial crystal water glasses usually have relatively thick walls and are difficult to handle. #银液水瓶# #杯瓶# #晶水瓶# #水瓶工作品# #系统品#

The surface brightness of artificial crystal liquid glass, the perspective and clarity of crystal is also higher than ordinary liquid glass, so artificial crystal liquid glass will give people a crystal clear visual effect. At the same time, the artificial crystal releases radioactive elements and heavy metals from the natural water glass, so the artificial crystal water glass can be used with confidence and will not harm the human body. Doubs water glass factoryNguan|Stainless steel glass|Plastic glass|Freshness glass-Dongguan Zhanyi Commodity Technology Co., Ltd.