Sun room with traditional glass or PCB? just compare


I recently received an offer from a fan. Mr. Zhang from Guangdong planned to design a sun room, but he and his wife had a disagreement over the choice of panels. Mr. Zhang believes that it is better to use traditional glass, while her wife said that polycarbonate PCBs are now more popular and the performance is better in all aspects.

Today, the Celtic team will compare the aesthetics, safety and cleanliness of two panels to determine which one is better.

Sun room with traditional glass or PCB? just compare

1. Transparency:

The first thing you should pay attention to is the light transmittance. After all, a high light transmittance can allow more sunlight to fill an entire sun room. The light transmission of glass can reach over 90%, which is an important reason why so many people prefer glass panels.

The light transmission of a PCB can reach 82%, although in theory it is not as good as glass, but this difference cannot be seen with the naked eye, since the solar room panel in the picture below is a PC. board.

Sun room with traditional glass or PCB? just compare

Secondly, weather resistance, UV protection

The sun room is exposed to the sun during the day, and the internal temperature will be relatively high, and the heat transfer coefficients of glass and PCBs are the same. But there is also the issue of ultraviolet rays that needs to be taken into account, since ultraviolet rays can damage human skin.

Ordinary glass can only block 19% of UV rays, while an anti-UV coating layer co-extrusioned onto the surface of PC resistant board can block 99.9% of UV rays, allowing personnel in indoors, enjoy the sun with peace of mind.

Sun room with traditional glass or PCB? just compare

3. High strength and safety:

The impact strength of tempered glass is 3-5 times that of ordinary glass. When tempered glass is damaged by external force, it will break into small blunt honeycomb-like particles, which are not easy to harm a person. body. PCB impact resistance is 2-20 times that of tempered glass, so no need to worry about breaking, making PCB solar room safer.

Sun room with traditional glass or PCB? just compare

Four. Weight:

The PCB is half the density of glass, making it easy to install. If you are installing a mobile solar room, why do manufacturers recommend that you use PCBs? Precisely because of its light weight, it is easier to push and pull the solar room.

5. Housekeeping and cleaning:

Glasses easily get dusty, and in winter they easily fog up with water droplets, which looks blurry, which affects vision and lighting in a sunny room. The circuit board has good self-cleaning properties, and the dust is not easy to fall off. Even if it is dirty, it will be clean as new after spraying with a water gun, and it is easy and convenient to maintain. .

Sun room with traditional glass or PCB? just compare

Output. After a few rounds of comparison, you can see that PCB, as the latest solar room material, might be the best choice. What do you think? Check out the Celt Sunshine Room dedicated research team and share more information about the Sunshine Room with you!