Can bulletproof glass be completely bulletproof?


In the online editor world, I constantly see how some bulletproof glass manufacturers from time to time, in order to promote the quality of their products, invest 3 million US dollars between bulletproof glasses and say that there are "strong people" who can open this glass , this huge amount of money is your reward. Of course, there is no shortage of experiments in which the boss of the company does not change the color of the bullets flying from the window in the car ... By the way, what kind of bulletproof glass tempts the public's curiosity? ? Today we came to find out.

Can bulletproof glass be completely bulletproof?
Can bulletproof glass be completely bulletproof?

​— What is bulletproof glass? —

Bulletproof glass is glass that provides some degree of protection against small arms fire, sticks, etc., and is usually a transparent material such as a polycarbonate thermoplastic (typically Lexan). It looks like ordinary glass and lets light through.

Can bulletproof glass be completely bulletproof?

​Bulletproof glass typically consists of layers of polycarbonate sandwiched between layers of regular glass. The bullet easily breaks through the outer layer of glass, but the tough polycarbonate layer stops the bullet before it can penetrate the inner layer of glass. Bulletproof glass is usually 70 to 75 mm thick.

— Application —

Historically, bulletproof glass was made from sheets of glass held together with liquid rubber. These large pieces of bulletproof glass, which were used for public purposes during World War II, were typically 100 to 120 mm thick and were very heavy.

When it comes to the combination of bulletproof glass and cars, the following ancient theme is indispensable:

Many military fans closely follow the Iraqi news, they are not alien to such information as street conflicts, local militants from AK-47s shoot at military Humvees and cause casualties. As a result, the public wondered, why not install bulletproof glass on all Hummers? ? ?

Can bulletproof glass be completely bulletproof?

​This is a question...

—"Great God" explains doubts—

First of all, we need to correct the misunderstanding about bulletproof glass. Christopher Hawke, a US police officer who has worked in the police force for over 20 years, shared:

Full "bulletproof" does not exist. But it's a completely different matter if you are talking about thick steel or magical Kevlar, ceramic inserts, plastic fibers, and even then they are only good against bullets from conventional firearms.

Can bulletproof glass be completely bulletproof?

​The bulletproof vests commonly used today are made of Kevlar, but bullets from automatic rifles or other types of heavy machine guns can still easily penetrate them. Faced with this situation, you must add steel or ceramic plates, but at the same time, your load has increased.

Can bulletproof glass be completely bulletproof?

For vehicles, you can try adding one or two layers of bulletproof inserts to the door panels, but what about windows? Bulletproof glass? Heavy and expensive, not suitable for use in the construction of police vehicles and a wide range of military vehicles. Low-quality bulletproof glass is over an inch thick and requires significant modifications to the entire vehicle to install. And once installed, you lose control of windows.

After all, bulletproof materials, be it glass or steel, are thick and heavy. After all, the entire body is bulletproof, even if the Humvee has the power of a tank engine, it cannot withstand heavy loads and often stalls. The following product is designed to solve the problem of power shortage after bulletproof: (including lightning protection)

​The Buffalo Buffulo mine defense vehicle weighs 20 tons and costs one million dollars. Regardless of the weight and price, it is about to catch up with the soil beetle plateau light tank.

​If it is equipped with military and police vehicles, it is obvious that there are many inconveniences in terms of practicality and cost~

Of course, for those who are looking for safety, it would be great to spend money to get such a car.