What is metallic glass? How are metal glass jewelry made?


You know metal, you know glass, but do you know what metallic glass is? Is metallic glass glass or metal and how is it produced? Let's take a look!

What is metallic glass?

For scientists, any material that goes from liquid to solid without crystallization is glass. Most metals crystallize on cooling with the atoms arranged in a regular pattern (also known as a lattice). If, after cooling, the metal does not crystallize and its arrangement of atoms remains incorrect, then a metallic glass is formed.

There are many types of metal glasses, such as iron-based metal glasses (made from iron elements), copper-based metal glasses (made from copper elements), etc. Therefore, using different metals to make it can lead to the fact that metallic glass will have different meanings.

Do you know? Metallic glass is also used to make jewelry due to its unique characteristics.

How do you make metallic glass jewelry?

Since metallic glass can be used to make jewelry, how should it be processed?

First, we need to use mechanical tools to adjust the required composition of the metal glass elements. Then prepare model drawings for jewelry making, and use machining to make copper molds according to the shape and size of jewelry. Second, completely melt the customized components of the metal glass element in the melting equipment to mix the components evenly, and then cast the molten body into a copper mold, and after rapid cooling, the primary jewelry product can be obtained. Finally, the surface is polished and polished, and a real metal glass decoration is born!

While the preparation and processing of metallic glass jewelry is not well established yet, and consumer awareness of metallic glass needs to be further enhanced, the jewelry industry is beginning to appreciate the more obvious properties of metallic glass. Ongoing scientific research also shows that it is expected to become a potential resource for new materials for jewelry making. In the future, these high-tech fashion jewelry may become fully popular.