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Insulating material. In the Baidu encyclopedia article, it is defined as a material with a thermal conductivity of no more than 0.12, and 0.12 is the minimum requirement for measuring the insulating ability of an insulating material. Glass wool and rock wool belong to inorganic thermal insulation materials. The outstanding characteristics are that they are inorganic and non-combustible. In addition, the thermal insulation performance of fiber insulation wool is better than that of ordinary insulation materials. Therefore, ordinary insulation wool Materials such as glass wool and rock wool , have a wide range of applications, are widely used for thermal insulation and energy saving of building walls and air conditioners.

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Glass wool and mineral wool, as inorganic fiber insulation materials, will produce dust when removed, and also have certain material advantages in reducing acoustic noise. They are often used for interior acoustic design, such as sound absorption and wall soundproofing. Many of them are used as partition walls, soundproof soft bags, sound-absorbing enclosures, etc., and are used in KTV, theaters, opera houses, etc. This is a brief introduction to the application of glass. wool, mineral wool and other heat-insulating materials. The reason why glass wool, rock wool and other materials perform the functions of heat preservation, sound absorption and noise reduction at the same time is the structure of common heat preservation materials such as glass wool and rock wool. the absorbing effect of glass wool is particularly noticeable.

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The above is an introduction to the material structure, thermal conductivity and general applications of glass wool and mineral wool, two common thermal insulation materials. I hope to help you better understand the common thermal insulation materials and choose the right materials wisely. project.