PPS plastic - application in household appliances


As we all know, PPS is widely used in electronic devices, automobiles, industry and other fields. In fact, PPS is also closely related to our daily life, which brings us a lot of convenience. PPS is widely used in home appliances and personal care Application is the most common, such as non-stick home appliances, rice cooker coating, chopsticks and so on. Is PPS plastic raw material poisonous if it is used to make tableware? The following new Napan materials will let you know.

PPS plastic

1. PPS is a heat-resistant material with a melting point of 250–300°C. For example, if PPS cookware is heated in a microwave oven, the temperature is only 100°C, at which time the PPS material is stable and will not melt, no substances will react, and no toxic substances will be released. It is generally used outside. Plastic bowls are mostly made of polyethylene or polystyrene.

Let's take chopsticks as an example. Most alloy chopsticks on the market are made of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) polymer material and fiberglass. Corrosion-resistant, high strength, wear-resistant, safe and reliable, and can directly contact with food.

PPS chopsticks

2. PPS is a hard and brittle white polymer with a high degree of crystallinity. It is non-toxic in nature. The relative density of pure PPS is 1.3, but after modification it will increase. PPS absorbs very little water, typically only 0.03%. At the same time, PPS has good fire resistance, and its oxygen index is above 44%.

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