35 kinds of homemade educational toys in the corners of 5 districts, the materials are simple, and you can make them after reading


Educational toys in kindergartens are familiar to teachers. Some teachers will choose to buy and some will choose to make their own. Today, the editor compares the advantages and disadvantages of the two educational toys horizontally. Let's see together!

Ready-made educational toys purchased:

Benefits: Easy to purchase, no assembly required, saving time and labor

Cons: high construction materials result in limited backlash, slightly high price, hidden safety hazards and quality issues

Homemade educational toys:

Benefits: low price and cost, creative freedom, varied gameplay

Disadvantage: the teacher takes a lot of time and effort to do

So, are there homemade educational toys that are easy to learn? Don't tell me it's true! Teaches you how to use the simplest materials to make the most fun educational toys!

Today, the editor has selected 35 types of DIY educational toys for you, and you can take care of the corners of 5 main areas. Hurry to collect them!

Reading area

Cute bookmark

Cut out a cardboard square, origami from basic graphics according to the following method, then feel free to add images! If it's an older child, you can also leave the creation of it to the kids~

Posted by: 小澴

Small buttons

Button + paperclip, the simplest bookmark is ready. It is easy to buy colorful paper clips and buttons of various shapes in the market. Of course, experienced teachers can also decorate the buttons with small decorations~

Publisher: cuihua83

Penguin pen holder

Using a paper cutter, cut out the tall part of the bottle to make the penguin's body, and then cut out the short part of the bottle to make the penguin's hat. Use paint to paint the face and body of the penguin, as well as decorations on the bottle.

Put the penguin hat on the torso, wrap a white ribbon around the edge of the hat and secure with a heat gun. Tie a little ribbon around the baby penguin's waist or make her a wool cap, and the cute baby penguin is ready!

Publisher: Meng Lemon ೄ೨

origami book

Cut out the cardboard in the same size and color as you like. One sheet of paper is thin, and two pieces can be glued together.

After gluing, use the cardboard box as a lid and wrap it in pretty wrapping paper. After completing the above steps, you can punch holes with a hole punch and buy insert rings to fix them.

Then I started origami, folded and glued to the tree, and then drew some decorations, and it turned out to be a beautiful handmade origami book~

Publisher: Zhuo Zhihua

Puzzle&Mathematics Zone

Pair of dice rolls

Roll the dice to match the colored shapes with the cards. This toy can help kids recognize shapes and colors.

Publisher: Mumu

Home Scales

Let the children try how many bottle caps can be placed without the scale tilting?

Publisher: Little hedgehog with an apple

Flower chess with a clock

We can say that children really like board games! The child who completes the circle first will be the winner!

Publisher: Shuishui


There are different stickers on the bottom of the cups, ask the children to sort them according to the pattern. This game helps kids recognize shapes, colors and patterns.

Publisher: Meaty Angel

Color combination

Paint the rolls in different colors, use a spoon or tongs to place the fur balls in the rolls of the corresponding color.

Publisher: Michael

Know the shape

Shove cards of different shapes into the mouths of different little monsters, can you classify them?

Publisher: (。-_-。)

Performance area

Pet music

Fold the paper plate in half and attach the bottle cap. Then use styrofoam to make a handle and it can be turned into a performance prop!

Posted: Hi.


Once the xylophone is ready, use the circles of different colors to make the music cards. Have the children fill in the card that matches the color and then play with the matching color bamboo pieces around the card.

Publisher: Little Superman


Pour some colored sand into the eggshell toy and shake it to make it into a little maraca. The finished sand hammer is then glued together with two spoons to make it comfortable to hold~

Publisher: Little Superman

Ring the bell

Hair roots are strung on bells and tied to chopsticks. Ringing bells are ready. Put them in the play area and kids will love them.

Publisher: Mu Xue

Musical bells

High and low ropes, colorful iron cans hanging outside the window, the sound of iron cans dancing with the wind can be heard~ Hey, who's singing? Children can hold their concerts with hammers.

Publisher: Koko

Research area

Homemade waterwheel

Children can exploredrop of falling water. How does thinking make the water wheel turn? You can learn from the life experiences of your predecessors~

Publisher: Little Superman

Publisher: Fairy No Fairy

Water footprint

Swinging water bottle allows kids to feel and watch the water flow.

Publisher: COCO

Homemade Thrower

Get some pebbles ready and start the game. Teachers can also help children discover the different elastic forces generated by rubber bands in play, feel different forces by changing materials, or observe different parabolas from different angles.

Publisher: Teacher 1b+

Tiny landscape

Punch holes in lollipops, glue and assemble them, and learn how to assemble them firmly without falling off. Finally, add some decorative landscaping elements.

Publisher: Xiao Azi


Children and teachers jointly design a route, note which one rolls faster, such as wool balls, glass balls, etc., and think about the reasons together.

The teacher prepares the board, the teacher and the children first discuss the route, and then choose boards of different sizes to build, after completion, the children roll fur balls, glass balls or table tennis balls to see who is faster.

Publisher: Deep Love^

Straw boat (buoyancy game)

Place the straw boat in the water and use the coin to test the buoyancy of the water on the boat. Vary the length and number of straws to see if the buoyancy is the same for different boats.

Publisher: 君囡

Electric trolley

Bottle cap + straw + rubber band + wooden stick to make a car, the cylinder is 70-80% full, secure with a clip (or hold it with your hands), put the car on the ground, open it with a clamp (or release your hand) ) to find out the reason vehicle movement.

Publisher: COCO

Art Zone

Book about animals

The inside pages of the book are first glued to white cardboard using double-sided tape or hard glue to form page by page. Cut out a half circle from each white cardstock. two white cards.

Draw a mask on white cardboard on both sides using double-sided tape (first stick one side, then close the mask book, the mask will automatically press the crease on the other side, and then stick it.

Publisher: Quiet

Emotional paper cup

Cut out the boys' and girls' heads with paper cups, then have the children add different expressions for the boys and girls.

Publisher: educational game

Iced ice cream puzzle

The KT board consists of a top and bottom layer, and the top layer is hollowed out in a frame shape according to the number of puzzle pieces placed. Arrange the required number of popsicle sticks on the bottom plate according to your needs, draw orand glue the matching images on top and you can use popsicle sticks of different colors to differentiate the patterns.

Based on needs, children first select popsicle sticks in the same background color as the full puzzle and then assemble it.

Publisher: Xiaoqi

Physical toys

Homemade barbell

PV tube + various bottles and cans can make a series of barbells, different materials and different weights, can train for children in different developmental stages~

Publisher: Feiyan

Barrow and hockey

Punch a hole in the bottom of a bucket or milk powder can, connect it with a PVC pipe, and a cute, funny and funny cart is ready! Looking at this shape, there are more bulldozers and lawn mowers to role play!

Publisher: Ma Yanli

Kids bowling

By connecting waste cardboard boxes into the fairway and using plastic water bottles to make bowling balls, kids can play in kindergarten!

Publisher: Master Chengzi

Shake the ball

Cut a large hole in the cardboard box so that the child can wear it around the waist, and fill the box with small balloons. Children shake their bodies to shake out the balls in the specified time, and whoever has less at the end wins. More creative ways to play are waiting for you!

Publisher: Burning Cigarette

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After writing today's article, the editor began to sigh: Our preschool teachers not only make environmental innovations, write lesson plans, but also have brains!

Every day I think hard about children: what materials are best for them, what games can develop their abilities ... everything comes from love!

Here I would like to say something to all kindergarten teachers and friends: you have worked hard!

If you find today's article helpful, feel free to share it with other co-workers and parents so they too can move with their kids!

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