Choice of spectacle lenses


There are so many brands and types of lenses, how do you choose a lens? Simply put, there are two factors that most affect the price of lenses: one is the brand, the other is the refractive index. Let's briefly talk about these two aspects.

The picture below shows the price list of domestic lenses, it shows various lens parameters. Among them, the refractive index is chosen by the customer, and the higher the refractive index, the thinner the lens. Generally, 1.56 power is chosen for 300 degrees myopia, 1.60 power is chosen for 300-500 degrees, and higher power lenses are chosen for higher degrees. The higher the refraction of a lens of the same brand, the thinner it is.

Choice of spectacle lenses

The higher the refractive index and the thinner the lens of the same brand and the same degree, the higher the price.

There are two types of lens brands: domestic and imported. Import brands such as Zeiss, Essilor and TAG Heuer are the most common and well-known. When choosing these brands, you should be careful not to buy joint venture brand lenses at the price of imported lenses. For example, Essilor has acquired many lens manufacturers. Essilor single light diamond crystal series can be selected, and the price is not expensive. for his comprehensive work. There are many types of domestic lenses. Mingyue, Wanxin, Hongchen... There are many, many, and you can choose a large factory according to your needs.

Functional lenses for the prevention and control of adolescents should be selected from several imported brands, all of which have passed clinical trials. TAG Heuer Xinlexue and Essilor Starfun Control can slow down the development of myopia by 60%, and the effect is really possible. . . Other progressive lenses that change color, lenses for presbyopia, etc. will not be inserted one after the other.