Acrylic plastic or glass?


All of you have been asked the question: acrylic plastic or glass? Due to its transparent appearance and relatively durable material properties, it looks like glass from a distance, but up close it looks like plastic, which is really confusing.

Acrylic plastic or glass?

So, what kind of material is acrylic? Is it plastic or glass?

What is acrylic?

The Chinese name for acrylic is transliterated from the English Acrylics, and common Chinese names include acrylic and acrylic. General term for acrylic and methacrylic chemicals. Including monomers, sheets, granules, resins and composites. Acrylic sheet is polymerized from methyl methacrylate (MMA) monomer, that is, polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) plexiglass sheet, which is a kind of plexiglass treated with a special process.

Acrylic plastic or glass?
Acrylic plastic or glass?

In those years, acrylic was used as a raw material for many products, ranging from small jewelry or head glasses to large building materials for decorating a family home.

Acrylic plastic or glass?
Acrylic plastic or glass?
Acrylic plastic or glass?

Now, acrylic has become an important material in the fields of construction, medicine, industry and transportation, such as various surgical medical devices, doors and windows of trains, cars and other vehicles, as well as transparent pipes and so on.

What are the characteristics of acrylic?

1. Light density, acrylic is a very light material with a density of only 1.19-1.20, which is about half of ordinary glass and 43% of metallic aluminum;

2. It has good fire resistance, does not ignite spontaneously and can self-extinguish;

3. With excellent electrical insulation, it is a very suitable high frequency insulation material for radio instrument industry;

4. It has good light transmission, light transmission can reach more than 92%, which is more than 10% higher than ordinary glass, and has a crystal-like texture and luster;

5. Not afraid of tides, not afraid of water, not mold, not bacteria, corrosion resistance;

6. The impact resistance is 16 times higher than ordinary glass, and there is practically no danger of breakage.

Acrylic plastic or glass?

So, is acrylic glass or plastic?

Acrylic is a polymerized polymer material, a thermoplastic, while acrylic glass is an organic polymer called polymethyl methacrylate material.

What is the difference between acrylic and other plastics? Why is it called "glass" even though it is plastic?

The reason is that acrylic and glass have many similar characteristics, some advantages are superior to glass, and some advantages can fully compensate for the disadvantages of glass. Transparent materials are one of the commonly used materials in many industries. Designers and manufacturers often choose these transparent polymers as a substitute when traditional glass is heavy and/or too easy to break. Acrylic has the characteristics of glass or transparent materials, but it is not actually glass, which is why it is called plexiglass, also known as the queen of plastics!

According to the application of Yake in the advertising industry

Compared with glass, acrylic has excellent light transmission, light weight, strength and strong performance, which makes it very suitable for the production of various signs, light boxes and signs, and is also widely used in the advertising industry.

So, how many uses for acrylic in advertising signs? Let's watch with Miss Yin~

Acrylic glowing words

Acrylic crystal words

Acrylic light box

Acrylic logo

Acrylic cabinet

Acrylic pendant

Acrylic decorative painting

Acrylic sign

Acrylic stand

Crylic warning sign

Acrylic business card

Acrylic stop sign

Acrylic doorsmart card

Acrylic payment card

Acrylic table card

Acrylic stickers

Acrylic decoration

Acrylic showcase

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