what is perspex material


Perspex is a type of acrylic resin plastic material that is well known for its excellent optical qualities, superior strength and weatherability. The material has been used for many years in various industries, especially in construction and manufacturing sectors, for its excellent properties.

Perspex was first developed in 1930s by Imperial Chemical Industries and is branded by Lucite name. The material is a cellular, rigid, amorphous polymer composed of methyl methacrylate monomers. It has a high molecular weight and is extremely strong, making it suitable for many applications, especially where a durable, shatter-resistant material is required.

The material has an incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it ideal for constructing products that require a light yet strong material. This makes it popular for products such as signs, glazing, domes, protective shields and many more.

Perspex is also well known for its excellent optical properties. It has a high level of clarity, with a light transmittance of 93%. It is also resistant to ultraviolet light so it does not yellow or discolor over time. This makes it perfect choice for glazed applications such as windows and signs.

what is perspex material

In addition to strength and visual clarity, Perspex is also known for its resistance to many chemicals, including acids and alkalis. It has a good resistance to wear and mechanical shocks, so it is often used in highly corrosive environments.

Perspex is available in many forms, including sheet, rod and tube. It is also available in a variety of colors and finishes to suit any design or application. It is easy to fabricate and can be cut, milled, drilled, glued and thermoformed.

Overall, Perspex is known for its excellent visual and mechanical properties. It is strong, scratch-resistant, resistant to many chemicals, and can be easily fabricated. This makes it an excellent choice for many applications, both industrial and commercial.