where does crystal come from


As one of most popularly used types of healing stones, crystals have been a part of human history for thousands of years. Believed to have certain metaphysical properties, crystals have been used in cultures across world for a variety of spiritual and healing purposes.

Crystals are formed over course of many years, and they come from many different places on planet. The long process of crystal formation begins with molten rocks, called magma, from within earth's crust. Magma-rich minerals are forced upward by tectonic pressure, and when it comes into contact with surface of planet, it cools and begins to form crystals.

As crystal forms, different elements within magma come together to create a variety of colors and shapes. The type of crystal that is created depends on mineral composition of magma, as well as environment and temperature within rocks. Most crystals form in locations with large amounts of heat and pressure, such as in volcanoes, hot springs, and near tectonic plates.

Crystals can also be formed by certain types of water. In this case, water carries certain minerals and elements, which it deposits on walls of caves and other underground areas. The combination of mineral deposits and slow flow of water create an environment where crystals can form.

Crystals are also found in ocean. Certain types of ocean water contain a large number of dissolved minerals, which settle and adhere to sides of caves and surfaces of ocean. This creates an environment where crystals can form, creating a colorful and intricate design in sand and rocks.

Crystals can also be found in many different types of soil. As water moves through underground and surface layers, it carries minerals that break down and form crystals. This process occurs over long periods of time, and can also deposit colorful stones and gems in area.

Crystals are also found in sky. Meteorites, which are large chunks of rock that fall to earth's surface, often contain crystals that were formed in space. These crystals have been exposed to extreme temperatures and pressure, and as a result, they tend to be more colorful and vibrant.

No matter where they are found, crystals are a natural and beautiful part of life on Earth. They are believed to have a variety of healing powers, and many people use them to help guide their spiritual journeys. Crystals come from many different places on planet, and each one is unique and special.