how many glass bottles are made each year


how many glass bottles are made each year

Every year, an extraordinary number of glass bottles are produced around world. With increasing popularity of sparkling water, hard seltzers and other beverages, demand for glass bottles is ever increasing. According to Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations, over 168 billion glass bottles and jars were produced worldwide in 2019 alone.

This astonishing figure represents a 2.9% increase from 2018, demonstrating ongoing and growing demand for glass containers. In fact, Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations states that production of glass bottles and jars is predicted to continue to rise in coming years, with an estimated 175 billion glass containers produced in 2021.

With increasing production of glass bottles and jars, question of sustainability arises. Fortunately, glass is a recyclable material and many companies are actively making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. One of main initiatives for sustainability is encouraging consumer's to recycle their glass bottles. Many companies have begun offering cash back in exchange for empty glass bottles and jars, incentivizing individuals to return containers to manufacturing companies.

In US, glass bottle manufacturers are also taking initiative to reduce their environmental impact by introducing new technologies to production process. One such technology is use of hybrid ovens, which have significantly reduced emissions. Similarly, many companies are now utilizing recycled glass, known as cullet, in production of new glass bottles. This greatly reduces amount of raw materials used and helps to reduce environmental impact of glass bottle production.

As a whole, world is continuing to make great strides in terms of sustainability in production of glass bottles and jars. With rising demands and advancements in technology, it is estimated that 177 billion glass bottles produced worldwide in 2021 will be most sustainable to date.