Personal test, repairing scratches on glasses lenses is simple and effective


If you wear glasses for a long time, if you do not pay attention to daily maintenance, there will be many small scratches on the lenses, which will affect the visual effect.

I have these glasses. Before, when I couldn't stand it, I changed glasses. This pair of spectacle lenses is a brand, and it is comfortable for the eyes to see when they are first put on, and the price is a little expensive. And because of the epidemic, try not to go out to increase the risk. I thought it would be nice if the scratches on the lens could be repaired.

It suddenly occurred to me that I had already seen the magical effect of toothpaste before. Toothpaste can repair scratches on glass. Although most spectacle lenses are made of resin, they mimic glass. Can you try it with toothpaste?

So, I follow the toothpaste method to remove glass scratches, first rinse the glasses lens with water, then squeeze the toothpaste onto the lens, dampen a clean Q-tip with water and gently apply the toothpaste onto the lens. Turn it around. then wipe it slowly several times and then rinse off the toothpaste with clean water. Thus, small scratches on the lenses will disappear, and vision will become much clearer after wearing glasses.

The reason toothpaste can repair small scratches is because toothpaste contains abrasive ingredients to remove "tooth stains" - titanium oxide with very fine particles. Of course, for toothpaste, it is best to choose white non-gel toothpaste, especially toothpaste with baking soda as an ingredient, which is most suitable for removing scratches.

It should also be noted that if the scratches on the lenses of the glasses are deep, the toothpaste cannot be removed. There was a scratch on the lens after processing my glasses, but fortunately it was in an inconspicuous place and the impact on the lens was very low.

A small move to avoid damaging the wallet.