Definition, Advantages and Thickness of Painted Glass


With the gradual transfer of the international glass industry to China and the improvement of R&D and production capabilities of local Chinese enterprises, China will become one of the most important glass production bases in the world in the next few years. As a kind of expressive glass, painted glass is popular with consumers. So what is stained glass? What is the thickness of the painted glass? Let's take a look together.

What is painted glass

Stained glass is a highly expressive decorative type of glass that can be reflected by spraying, rolling, screen printing or shower coating. Painted glass is also called back painted glass in the industry, which is divided into flat painted glass and frosted painted glass.

Painted glass is painted on the reverse side of the glass and baked in the oven at a temperature of 30-45 degrees for 8-12 hours. Naturally dried surface is relatively small, easy to fall off in a humid environment.

As we all know, paint is harmful to the human body. In order to meet the current requirements of environmental protection and human health and safety in baking lacquer glass, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of environmentally friendly raw materials. and paints in the manufacture of lacquered glass.

Definition, Advantages and Thickness of Painted Glass

Advantages and characteristics of painted glass:

1. Waterproof, resistant to strong acids and alkalis.

2. Using environmentally friendly paint is healthy and safe.

3. Strong adhesion, not easy to fall off.

4. Excellent anti-slip performance.

5. Anti-ultraviolet, strong anti-aging color.

6. Strong color selectivity.

7. High weather resistance and good compatibility with structural adhesives.

8. High stain resistance, easy to clean.

Colored glass thickness

Because the quality of painted glass is relatively large, the thickness can generally guarantee the quality. Depending on the size of one piece of glass, its thickness also varies. For example, for larger glass, you need to choose a thicker size. Otherwise, the manufacturer does not have the opportunity to produce it, and if they do, it will be thin like a piece of paper that can be broken by exploding a bomb, and there is no way to guarantee its safety.

Definition, Advantages and Thickness of Painted Glass

Usually, the thickness of painted glass is about 10mm, which can correspond to a length of 2-3 meters. Therefore, it is also necessary to pay attention to the selection of the size of the painted glass.

Painted glass less than one meter wide is used as a screen or partition. If higher strength is required, 12 mm thick painted glass can be selected. The thickness of fine decorative lacquer glass is usually 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, and lacquer glass thinner than 3mm is difficult to obtain, such lacquer glass can be attributed to handicrafts.

Definition, Advantages and Thickness of Painted Glass

If you have particularly high safety requirements, such as glass for showcases, you can order tempered and thickened glass, and if desired, even bulletproof painted glass, so that the thickness can be up to 25 mm.