Matters Needing Attention When Printing with Ink on Glass


There are two methods for screen printing on glass: hand printing and machine printing. This is the printing of a layer of ceramic glaze on the glass surface. After high temperature heat treatment, the glaze film adheres to the glass surface. the color is bright and will never fade. Silkscreen glass is mainly used in indoor decoration, such as interior partitions, interior mirrors, schools and other places.

Matters Needing Attention When Printing with Ink on Glass

When screen printing on glass, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. In order to get a good printing effect, screen printing must be done well. Mesh tension, screen frame stability and pattern formation error cannot exceed 0.05 mm. Some networks also require the plates to be made at a 45 degree angle. To stretch the mesh fabric, it is necessary to select the appropriate mesh according to the specific requirements.

2. The most important thing when processing glass panels for screen printing is the workshop environment, preferably a dust-free workshop. Workers wear electrostatic clothing, masks and headgear. Maintain a certain stability and humidity in the workshop.

3. Ink selection is mainly based on good ink quality, smaller particles and better adhesion. Due to the nature of glass, we can choose low temperature ink and high temperature ink. The low temperature ink is a two-component ink, the high-temperature ink is a one-component ink, and the thinner must be mixed with a special thinner to ensure good adhesion.

Matters Needing Attention When Printing with Ink on Glass

4. The most important thing in silk screen printing on glass is the printing of translucent windows. This printing has relatively high requirements. It is necessary that translucent windows do not have small particles, no squeegee scratch, and the light transmission index cannot change much.

5. After finishing the screen printing on the glass, it should be packed in a plastic film bag, and then insulated with pearl cotton. It can effectively avoid secondary scratches.