Are there other materials for the water glass besides the soda lime glass water glass?


What is the difference between glass water glasses? Especially what is the difference in materials? I believe that many friends do not know much. Although the main water glass manufacturers and large water glass brands have presented everything in detail during their advertising, I believe that there is still little knowledge.

Are there other materials besides soda-lime glass?

Speaking of this, some friends have to refute the editor and have to say that the glass water cup also has high borosilicate glass, besides the soda-lime glass, and this is also mentioned in the editor's previous article. Well, the editor must first acknowledge that in the previous article, introducing the product and performance, it basically only mentioned that there are soda-lime glass and high borosilicate glass in the glass water cup, but there are other materials besides these two materials. . Let me tell you a little about this.

Soda-lime glass has a relatively low texture density, low cost, poor impact resistance, brittleness, various processing methods, good chemical resistance, but at the same time poor heat resistance, and since soda-lime glass has good prospects, so in our Many glass products in our daily life are made from soda-lime glass. For example, lenses, colored glass, soundproof glass, etc., and containers such as condiment jars, condiment bottles, etc. For example, soy sauce bottles, beer bottles, etc., which are the most accessible in our life. It is hot summer time now. Many friends like to gather with friends in the evening to enjoy the coolness of cold beer. Many wine glasses used for draft beer are also made of soda-lime glass, but as water glasses for everyday use, hot water and no cold water alternately fills the glasses with water, but soda-lime glass cannot be used.

The editor kept mentioning that if you want a water cup with good resistance to temperature extremes, you should use a high content borosilicate glass water cup. High borosilicate glass has high fracture resistance, so it is stronger than soda lime glass. At the same time, high borosilicate glass has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. In layman's terms, high borosilicate glass is highly resistant to temperature changes. Hot water everywhere is immediately added to cold water, allowed within the temperature difference, without breaking. Therefore, high borosilicate glass is widely used, such as lighting fixtures, telescope lenses, washing machine viewing windows, etc. A large number of products in our daily glass water glasses are made of high borosilicate material.