what kind! Eyeglass cloth is not a cloth for wiping glasses?


Why can't you wipe your glasses with an eyeglass cloth?

A lens is not just a lens that is visible to the naked eye, but also many layers of transparent coating on its surface. Some coatings can reduce the reflection of the lens, some can make the lens more durable, and some can make the lens waterproof, dirt and dust resistant. Whatever the coating, it is very fragile, rubbing it with a rough eyeglass cloth will damage the coating and affect the clarity of the lens.

what kind! Eyeglass cloth is not a cloth for wiping glasses?

The fiberglass supplied in most stores is only used to reduce friction between the goggles and the case. These eyeglass cloths have a relatively rough texture, and after a long time, a lot of dust settles on them, and when they rub against the glasses, they can damage the lenses. So even if you just put the eyeglass fabric in the cushioning box, remember to wash it often.

Similarly, the texture of clothing on the body is not fine enough and is not suitable for lens cleaning. Rubbing rough spectacle cloth and clothing will scratch the lens and impair vision.

Wearing glasses with damaged lenses can cause eye strain and even astigmatism.

The right way to clean glasses

When cleaning the lens, you can usually wash off fine dust and lint from the lens with clean water, and then use a paper towel to soak up the fine water droplets. If the lens is accidentally smeared with oil, you can gently rub the lens with detergent or hand sanitizer to clean it. The special mirror lens cleaning wipes are not only easy to carry and soft in texture, but also contain a cleaning agent that can effectively dissolve oil stains, and are also a great replacement for eyeglass cleaning wipes.

Difficult-to-clean gaps between the nose pads and the frame can be cleaned by taking them to an optical shop for service or by using an ultrasonic cleaner. Nose pads and slits are often exposed to sweat, and if left uncleaned for a long time, frames can rust, so ignoring cleaning these two positions will also hasten the elimination of glasses.

Never use a dry cloth to vigorously wipe the lens in a circular motion, otherwise the lens will wear easily and its life will be greatly reduced.

How to fix scratches on lenses

Mix regular baking soda and water in a 2:1 ratio in the kitchen to make a viscous paste, and apply it to the scratches on the lens to fill it in. Rinse off excess paste with clean water until scratches are no longer visible.

Car owners have more options to choose from. Gently wipe the lenses with car wax. Once the scratches have been filled in, wipe off excess wax with a cotton swab or soft, dust-free cloth.


So, how often should you change your glasses?

Children and adolescents: decide according to the change in degree

Children and adolescents are in a stage of growth and development, and this is the peak period for the use of the eyes, and the degree changes very quickly. Due to prolonged use of the eyes at close range, the degree of myopia is easily deepened.

Suggestion: Medical optometry every six months until age 18. If the old spectacles cannot correct vision to a normal level for the same age, you should consider refitting the spectacles.

Adults: change every two years

The degree of myopia in adults is relatively stable, but this does not mean that it will not change. It is recommended to undergo medical optometry every 1-2 years, according to the results of optometry, in combination with the needs of work and life, the doctor will judge the need to reissue glasses. Patients with high myopia, in whom the degree of myopia exceeds 600 degrees, should also have regular examination of the fundus to prevent the occurrence of diseases of the fundus.

Older people: reading glasses should be changed regularly

Reading glasses for the elderly should also be replaced as needed, as the degree of presbyopia also increases with age. Out of thrift, many elderly friends wear reading glasses for several years. There is no fixed time limit for replacing reading glasses. When older people wear glasses to read the newspaper and feel tired and their eyes hurt and cause discomfort, they should go to the hospital to check if the prescription for the glasses is right. .


Glasses help us see the world clearly

Frequent replacement is unprofitable

So we have to take care of it