almighty sunglasses


In the past, people consumed sunglasses and the cultural symbols they represented, and now they are more likely to consume impressions and experiences.

almighty sunglasses

Translucent, retro and polygon

"Pink will not be used to make bifocals. No one wants to sleep reading small articles. Ann Landers, the author of this sentence, couldn't see how social networking could transform lives and order. That's why she is so determined. Bentel Brothers has launched a new non-functional line Squiggle sunglasses. The lenses are translucent and wavy, making them look like a squashed orange spiral string straw from the front. It is unclear if such a toy, which can cost as high as fifty dollars or sixty dollars and does not provide vision correction, has actually been sold out. They said that they wanted to create something permanent, but were shamelessly embarrassed by this statement. These Instagram-style glasses are a great way to bring your social media filters to life. The "wonderful" sunglasses manufacturers may soon release similar sunglasses. You can increase the price by 10x simply changing the logo and lens.

It is not Squiggle who started materialization of filters. It was translucent lenses that have become very popular in the past two years.

almighty sunglasses

Translucent lenses neutralize the imperatives of "be seen" and "retouch". Similar to the widespread use of transparent PVC materials in fashion, in a "carefully planned and widespread era", how hipsters can be willing to let sunglasses hide eye makeup and "defuse" the possibilities from time to time. Compared with traditional sunglasses with full camouflage ability, translucent lenses will not give people an excessive sense of distance. Whether it is jelly, light khaki or light gray lenses, it is easier to match with summer wear. When you wear these sunglasses and look at people, the eyes that have been changed by the filter stand out all the time and you don't need to take them off even indoors. Gucci's large, retro-style round sunglasses played with color: not only were the round frames reminiscent of the 1960s and 1970s style, but translucent light gold lenses, dark green and orange-red "stitching" of the frames were also classic colors of that time.

From a retro perspective, cat-eye sunglasses are one of the enduring members of this category. Gaining prominence in the 1950s and 1960s, slightly raised frames created a style of women's eyewear that was both playful and feminine. Hollywood stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor love to wear winged glasses. Whenever this classic is revived again, it will always come with some detail changes, such as a narrower frame, a smaller body shape, or a discreet top lip that rises and widens. Internet celebrity models tend to pair the last two elements with a cat-eye variant: skinny sunglasses simply completely cover the edge of the eyes, and the half-blade sunglasses that extend away from them get stuck in the lower eyelid position, like reading glasses that inadvertently blocked the Sunshine. , just to add an accessory to the face.

To modify facial features, designers began to increase the edges and corners of the glasses. At Prada and Balenciaga's spring/summer 2019 shows, it's not hard to find sunglasses with hexagonal or irregular polygons. From Harajuku style with clear frames, steampunk style with black frames, to hip-hop style without frames, the power of this accessory with the biggest “proportion” on the face for shaping the look cannot be underestimated. Even if it's just a flat mirror, if you choose the right shape, it can help you transform from an obscure clerk to Johnny Depp or Andy Warhol.

almighty sunglasses

Classic and popular cycle

In the vast majority of cases, glasses have the connotation of "unfashionable". For women, it's even more of a "charm killer". No wonder Dorothy Parker once said in New Objects that "men rarely flirt with girls who wear glasses." For men, the glasses market isn't much better, with the US media constantly portraying "black Chesterfield coats, rimless glasses, and Time magazine" as the norm for a dour Wall Street pensioner. However, many people interview with glasses because it makes them more reliable, hardworking, or sincere.

After "adding color" to the lens, the graph is reversed. With the advent of new aircraft in the 1930s, pilots flying to high altitudes suffered from headaches caused by bright sunlight. The first batch of pilot glasses (Aviator) was made by Ray-Ban specifically for the US Air Force. Green lenses prevent glare and provide a clear image. The advent of aviator and outdoor glasses enriched eyewear types, but sunglasses were still functional accessories for a long time. It wasn't until the 1940s, as the wars continued, that military uniforms came into fashion. After a photographer took a picture of General MacArthur from a plane on a beach in the Philippines, a pair of aviator glasses on his nose soon became a "street mirror" of young people.

Hollywood made sunglasses at the height of fashion. The Wayfarer sunglasses can be called a footnote in the 1950s. British design critic Stephen Bailey later opined that the influence of The Traveler and the Eames chair were comparable, "the misplaced trapezoidal frame brought out the implied crisis of the non-verbal language, while at the same time the sturdy mirrored legs were excellent. To defuse this crisis, let the overall structure have a 'masculine look'." Like James Dean in Days of the Wild, leaning against the Cadillac, lighting a cigarette and lifting his head, the big Traveler helped him block out the glare of the sun. People tend to turn every move of the style icon into a metaphor, like the fact that he chose to cover his eyes with a pair of giant sunglasses not to block out the sun, but to block out communication. Perhaps because of this, Dean is also considered to be part of the promiscuous "beat generation" in the film.

almighty sunglasses

A selection of popular online celebrity models

The popularity of sunglasses is cyclical, just like fashion. Fashion circles were immediately inspired by the success of the moon landing, and so "futurism was" born. Reflective fabric in silver, inspired by astronauts, reflects space-age fashion. Audrey Hepburn's straight skirt from Kidnapping the Dragon & the Transformation of the Phoenix was a huge hit. She wore PVC booties and a cloche cap. Oval white sunglasses were the final touch to Hepburn’s "moon-girl" look. They reminded me a little of the mathematical infinity symbol. It's not clear why, but "" glasses attract attention because of their whiteness, large size, or color effect. It also received the Grunge visiting card (Grunge) in the 90s.

Kurt Cobain, a rock star, wore oval-shaped white sunglasses to a photo shoot in 1993. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine Cobain said that he arrived three hours late to the shoot wearing his large sunglasses. He then asked for a bucket as he thought he would vomit. He was blinded by the hangover, so he had to wear white sunglasses. The photographer snaps the shutter quickly after he has taken a quick sip from his cigarette. Cobain is frozen in time, wearing a gray wool aviator jacket and leopard print jacket. The red nail polish on his indexes and middle fingers is not perfect. Cobain's eyes seem full of emotion and the photographer thinks that covering them gives it a mysterious quality that makes it stand out from other photos. The sunglasses in this photo are paradoxically a combination of stealthiness and attention-grabbing. This group of classic photos shows the era of anger and hangover vividly.

The Cobain sunglasses still have the same magic 20 years later. Denzel Curry, a rapper, said, "These sunglasses are not sunglasses honey, they're hipster lenses." We can see that every pair of classic sunglasses has had a style icon for at least 10 years. The rate at which endless style icons are created is measured in months, and that's not counting the 10 years. How do you convince people to purchase sunglasses? It's not enough to just tell people that sunglasses are a new fashion.

An old restaurant is home to a temporary glasses shop, "KITCHEN". The original building's appearance, which is somewhat reminiscent of an old castle in a vampire film, has been preserved by the walls that have been ripped from the outside. There are antique pianos and kitchen utensils inside. Shopping is like a treasure hunt. Hankook Kim was not concerned about relevancy when he came up with the idea for Gentle Monster. His words, "unpredictable", are quite interesting. The mosaic tiles in their Korean shop, "BATH", are still visible. The interior decoration has retained two main components: plumbing and hot water. How can you ensure that hot water continues to play an essential role in the original design? Kim found a person who had built multiple generators to supply the hot water in the bathhouse with power for the generators that heat and light the store.

Kim is known for rocking backwards and forth while he sits down in his chair. This puzzled him, but he eventually discovered the solution in a book about human behavior. He was unable to understand why the environment is so important. He wondered if the subconscious behavior of consumers was possible. It is easier to sell the same water bottle in a different package. Are people willing to wait in line for information on a new product before they visit the store? He believes that consumers are subconsciously searching for new products on a regular basis.