What is an armored car?


What is a bulletproof vehicle?

Bulletproof vehicles are also known as safety vehicles. They have been modified to be bulletproof using passenger cars. Bulletproof vehicles can be twice as expensive or more than original vehicles due to their unique technology and craftsmanship.

A bulletproof car modification is quite mysterious.

The Modified Bulletproof Vehicle was an image I had in my mind. It has a cool look, it is invulnerable and is reminiscent of a mountain full of swords and a sea full of fires. After studying bulletproof cars in person, I discovered that their appearances are usually reserved and prudent. They are designed to protect their owners from deadly attacks at any moment.

The appearance is the same as the original. One of these is to conceal the bulletproof car in the sea of cars and comply with my country's regulations management.

A bulletproof car's natural mission is to protect the safety of passengers. There is no room for deceit or lies. The "Mobile Fortress" is a well-known name. A bulletproof car that performs well, and is invulnerable King Kong, its excellent driving performance is another magic weapon that aids its owner in escaping from dangerous battle scenes.

What type of attack can a bulletproof vehicle withstand?

The European EN1063 bulletproofing standards is the most widely used light weapon protection standard. It is not only the American National Institute of Justice Bulletproofing Standard. As a reference, take the European EN1063 standard. At the moment, B7 is the highest level of bulletproof civil bulletproof vehicles in my nation.

Is the bulletproof car still in production?

It is not as simple as replacing bulletproof glass with bulletproof steel plates in a bulletproof car.

The car is effectively protected from six sides by bulletproof materials that are specially designed for it. This includes replacing all windows with bulletproof composite glass. It is as strong as a castle and leaves no room for terrorists. Bulletproof composite materials reduce vehicle weight gains and take advantage of the hardness, flexibility, and strength characteristics of different materials to provide better bulletproof performance than thick steel sheets. The car's weight will rise by approximately 50% if it is equipped with bulletproof steel plates that provide B6 protection. Bulletproof steel sheets can be reduced by as much as 30% with the use of bulletproof composite materials. It is expensive, however. Imagine if the entire car's body is made of embedded steel plates. This will make it difficult for a bulletproof car to exit. No matter if you need protection from bullet attacks or natural disasters, having a solid armored vehicle is not a reason to make your passengers vulnerable.