What is liquid glass? How it affects mobile phones


With the continuous development and progress of time, mobile phones have become an indispensable means of communication for people. Mobile phones have more and more features and we use them more and more. The rapid development of mobile phones has brought us boundless enjoyment and convenience. In the past, mobile phone films were all over the market, but now they have disappeared. Instead, there are a large number of people who cover the mobile phone. They claim that the mobile phone after being coated is scratch and drop resistant. -proof, and can break walnuts. In fact, most of them use water glass, so what is water glass?

What is liquid glass? How it affects mobile phones

First of all, let's popularize what is water glass and what is the real function of water glass? Liquid glass, the main component is almost pure silica extracted from quartz sand, with the addition of water or ethanol depending on the specific surface material, and no other additives are required. According to the manufacturer, the antibacterial effect of this liquid glass is very long-lasting because microorganisms entering the surface can not be easily separated. A research institute in Germany pioneered the development of water glass spray sprayed onto the surface of an object, can prevent dust and bacteria from entering, non-toxic and harmless, and has a wide range of uses. Water glass is not only waterproof , dust-proof, anti-bacterial, breathable, heat-resistant, acid-resistant and anti-ultraviolet and has other functions, and easy to use, without any environmental impact. Just add a small amount of water or alcohol to the solution, and it can be sprayed directly on any surface of dmet. It quickly forms a transparent film, the thickness of which is only one hundredth of the thickness of the hair. If you spray it on the surface of an object, it will be easier to clean. In addition, with liquid glass plus thermal water, it is not inferior to bleach in cleaning the surface of other objects.

What is liquid glass? How it affects mobile phones

This new nanomaterial, developed by the Institute for New Materials in Saarbr├╝cken, can form a thin, invisible protective film on the surface of objects only a few millionths of a millimeter thick, equivalent to 15 to 30 molecular thicknesses. 500 times thinner than a human hair. A German company called "Nano Pool" has bought the patent rights to this nanomaterial and is currently negotiating with several companies in the UK and the National Health Care System, and the new material is widely used in manufacturing, from bags to high-speed trains. . The British Independent quoted Neil McClelland, head of the British Nanopool project, as saying that liquid glass forms a water-resistant layer on the surface of an object; when bacteria or other microorganisms get on the coating, the bacteria will not be eliminated. , but also difficult to get rid of or reproduce, so that the object has a natural antibacterial effect; The coating also makes the object easier to clean and can only be washed with tap water. Tests carried out by several food industry companies in Germany have shown that items treated with liquid glass, after washing with hot water, remain as clean and sterile as untreated items washed with a strong detergent.

What is liquid glass? How it affects mobile phones

The main purpose of liquid glass is to act on the surface of inanimate objects with the formation of a water-repellent, oil-repellent and antibacterial protective film effect, and the effect of spraying it on objects to resist microorganisms lasts for several months! It has made a great contribution to cleaning, just like Nano Pool said that it is "expected to bring about a revolution in cleaning", which can be called an "advanced cleaner". Coating a mobile phone with liquid glass is equivalent to making a mobile phone. After cleaning it does not improve the friction resistance of the mobile phone screen, nor does it scatter blue light to protect the eyes. Liquid glass is very expensive. Ingredients: nanoscale silicon dioxide. Scientific name: advanced cleaner Function: anti-dust, anti-bacteria and smooth, but as long as you spray alcohol, it will disappear immediately. The alcohol will tell you straight. The aforementioned mobile phone covers on the market can not only protect your mobile phone, not to mention your eyes.

Therefore, after covering the mobile phone, you won't be able to crack the walnuts, as advertised by the operator. Mobile phone cover does not have such a magical effect. It cannot improve hardness. The so-called ability to crack walnuts. it's nothing but getting everyone's attention. Let me tell you secret 1: First of all, we need to understand what material our mobile phone is made of. Mobile phone screens are divided into: resin screen (for the elderly), resin composite screen (such as liquid crystal display), special tempered glass screen (Mobile phones currently use third-generation Gorilla tempered glass) secret 2: mobile phone The screen is divided into mobile phone outer screen (touch screen), mobile phone inner screen (LCD). They are glued together, and, as a rule, the inner screen is not visible, and people see only the outer screen. That is a touch screen. Why can't it be broken? 1. Break or break is not a matter of strength, everything has its bearing capacity. 2. The flat surface of the hammer is adjacent to the flat surface of the mobile phone screen. As long as the strength is consistent, it will not be damaged. All modern mobile phones are made of Corning Gorilla Tempered Glass, which is still able to withstand impact. Don't be afraid of those few hits. Gorilla Tempered Glass: Gorilla Glass is an environmentally friendly aluminum-silicon tempered glass manufactured by Corning. The precursor to Gorilla Glass was manufactured by Corning in the 1960s. This is a special glass with bulletproof function. It is often used in helicopters. Under normal circumstances, unintentional damage does not cause scratches. After 2010, the company carried out a technical transformation on it and used it in a damage-resistant display in the consumer electronics industry. Gorilla Glass uses Corning's unique "Native Damage Resistance" (Native Damage Resistance, hereinafter referred to as NDR) technology, which enhances the material's strength at the molecular level and can delay or even prevent existing damage from spreading further. Based on NDR technology, Corning glass is not only more resistant to damage, but also reduces the visibility of scratches by 40% compared to previous versions. Even after damage, the subsequent strength of this glass has increased by 50% compared to the previous generation. The current mobile phones are enough to cope with various anti-shock capabilities and cannot be accidentally broken. Mobile phone manufacturers spend a lot of energy on the screen. If the effect of the "Kuaishou" crazy rumors is really that good, then isn't the mobile phone's nano anti-shatter coating invincible in the universe, and there is an overwhelming advantage to it? So why are manufacturers Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi hiring these senior engineers fromhigh salary? It would be better to buy this technology directly at a high price.

What is liquid glass? How it affects mobile phones

There's nothing in this world that can't be destroyed if the impact-resistant nano-coating can play a protective role. Aircraft carriers, planes, and cars are perfectly paintable and not afraid to touch and hang. What security measures are in place. It will be the greatest invention of this age, enough to break the spell. Don't these cell phone case makers have to wait to close their doors?

Nano protection membrane for mobile phones, the carrier is the original mobile phone screen. The use of nanomaterial to affect the surface of a mobile phone screen can effectively improve its friction resistance. It feels smooth and sensitive to the touch. It is hydrophobic and can be easily cleaned from oil stains. It is as clean as new and the high definition gradual sunlight can still be seen clearly. Blue light scattering relieves eye fatigue, and curved and curved screens are perfect. When protecting the mobile phone screen, it is more important to protect the eyes of customers, double protection.</ p>

What is the nano-protection effect of film bond mobile phone?1. Effectively improve the friction resistance of the screen. 2. Effectively diffuse blue light, relieve eye fatigue and protect eyes. 3. Smooth touch and sensitive touch. 4. Hydrophobic and easy to clean Oil stains can be washed as new. 5. Improved high definition, the phone is still clear when viewed in the sun. 6. No foaming, no edge deformation and curved flexible screen are perfect fit. The working principle of mobile phone membrane junction nanoprotection is very simple: the mirror surface of a mobile phone is flat to the naked eye, but the screen surface is actually uneven when viewed under a powerful microscope. After the film transition mobile phone nano protection is completed, the nano silica will be filled into these potholes and then cured. Due to the high hardness of nano silica, it will effectively improve the screen's abrasion resistance. and play a role in screen protection. When protecting the screen of your mobile phone, it is more important to protect your eyes, double protection.

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