Construction plan of tempered glass partition wall installation project


1. Preparing for construction

2. Basic equipment

Machine: electric hammer;

Tools: taps, screwdrivers, glass glue gun, etc.

Construction plan of tempered glass partition wall installation project

2. Process

Procedure for building a glass partition:

Measuring and marking - ordering materials - fabrication and installation of upper and lower steel parts - glass installation - gluing - cleaning.

1. Measurement and placement:

According to the size of the structure drawing, measure and mark the line, measure the height of the base layer, the central axis of the glass wall and the top and bottom, and the position lines of the closed U-shape. profile steel channels 3*3 and 3*4;

2. Installing the glass groove on the top side of the bottom of the embedded iron parts:

Install the steel parts of the bottom of the tank according to the dimensions of the design drawings, fix them with dowels, and then install the top and side steel glass tanks. Straighten and then fix. The lower tape is in the mounting groove, all stainless steel parts are painted with anti-corrosion paint;

3. Glass block installation and placement:

The fireproof tempered flat glass is custom made by professional manufacturers and delivered to the construction site. Firstly, clean the glass tank and glass block, place the glass block into the setting tank with a glass setting machine or transport suction cup, level it, and then fix it with a plastic block. Start injecting glue;

4. Glue injection:

First, clean the top and bottom, side U-shaped 3*3, 3*4 steel glass grooves and injection of glass seam glue, and then stick the surfaces of the glass and stainless steel plate on both sides of the white injection glue Reserve the seam position for glue injection, national regulations require glue injection, the same seam is filled and cleaned at the same time, without stopping.

(Note: a) glue joints must be dry before pouring glue and must not be wet; b) The adhesive injected into the upper and lower grooves of stainless steel is structural silica gel, and the adhesive injected into the gap between the glass blocks is transparent fireproof glass adhesive).

5. Purity:

Clean the installed glass blocks with a special glass cleaner. (Never wash with an acid solution).

Construction plan of tempered glass partition wall installation project

Thirdly, installation of a glass partition without impost

1. Working order:

Reference line → install glass fixing steel frame → install large glass → install glass stabilizer (glass fin) → caulk → decorate frame → clean

2. Key points of work

Jump line:

When tightening the thread, pay attention to the correct position of the embedded iron parts (if there are no embedded iron parts, the position of the metal dowel should be noted).

The thickness of the primer finishing layer (if there is a plinth, the thickness of the finishing layer on three sides of the plinth) and the upper limit level (ceiling level) should be reserved for the floor from floor to floor. -ceiling glass partition without impost. First reflect the position line on the ground, and then reflect the position line on the wall and column;

Install the steel frame to hold the glass:

If there are no embedded iron parts or the position of the embedded iron parts does not meet the requirements, the metal dowels should be installed first.

Then place the shaped steel (angle steel or thin-walled channel steel) according to the position line that has been spring-loaded, and then weld it firmly with pre-feed iron parts or metal dowels after checking. The steel profile material must be painted with anti-corrosion paint before installation, and anti-corrosion paint must be applied to the welding site after welding;

Fourthly, install a large glass

1. When a large area glass partition is installed by hanging, the support frame for hanging the glass must be made under the structural beam or slab of the building, and the fixture and upper frame for hanging the glass must be installed. The position of its upper frame is the mark of the ceiling.

2. Thick glass in place:

After the frame is installed, first clean the notch, make sure there is no debris or water in the notch, and place the anti-vibration rubber pads well. Use 2-3 glass suction cups to suck thick glass firmly, hold the suction cups with 2-3 hands and lift the glass at the same time, insert the glass vertically into the groove of the upper frame, then carefully lower it vertically, and insert it into the groove of the lower frame. If it is a suspended installation, when sending the glass to the top frame, the glass must also be inserted into the mount;

3. Adjust the position of the glass:

Slide the glass next to the wall (or column) to the edge of the wall (column) to fit into the cutout of the frame attached to the wall, and then install the glass in the middle. Between two pieces of thick glass, a gap of 2-3 mm or a gap of the same thickness as the glass stabilizer (glass ribs) should be left for applying the adhesive. When cutting glass, the width of the joint must be calculated. If suspended installation is adopted, the glass mustbe clamped piece by piece with a hanging glass clamp;

4. Termination:

After all the glass is in place, correct the flatness and verticality, and at the same time use polyphenylene foam inserts to insert into the gap, so that the glass and metal gap are flat and tight, and then apply silicone structural adhesive;

5. Border decoration:

As a rule, frames of glass partitions without impost are built into the finishing layers of walls, columns and ceilings, while they can be connected to glass;

6. Cleaning and protection of the finished product:

After installing the glass partition without mullion, remove the glue and stains on the glass surface with cotton yarn and detergent, and then make eye-catching signs by sticking stickers to prevent accidental collision with the glass.

Construction plan of tempered glass partition wall installation project

5. Quality standards

1. Main project

(1) The variety, specification, characteristics, pattern and color of the materials used in the glass partition project must meet the requirements of the design. Safety glass should be used in glass panel partitions. Inspection method: check the product qualification certificate, acceptance record and performance test report;

(2) The installation of the glass partition must be firm, and the installation of the rubber gasket of the glass partition must be correct. Test method: observation; manual check;

(3) The surface of the glass partition should be uniform in color, smooth and clean, transparent and beautiful. Inspection method: observation.

(4) Joints of glass partitions must be horizontal and vertical, and the glass must not have cracks, defects and scratches. Inspection method: observation.

(5) The caulking of the glass partition and the joining of the glass block partition must be tight and smooth, even and straight, and of equal depth.

2. Common Elements

(1) The surface of the partition should be uniform in color, smooth and clean, transparent and beautiful;

(2) The joints of the partition must be horizontal and vertical, and the glass must not have cracks, defects and scratches;

(3) The caulking of the plank partition and the seam of the glass block partition must be tight and smooth, even and straight, with the same depth;

(4) The tolerance and method of checking the installation of a partition wall must comply with the provisions of the "Construction Quality Acceptance Code for Finishing and Renovation of Buildings."

6. Protection of the finished product

After the installation of the glass partition is completed, a registration system will be implemented for the type of work and the personnel that must enter the glass installation to realize the individual protection of the finished product;

After installing the glass, hang a door lock or door latch to prevent wind from damaging the glass. And close the door and lock it;

When installing wooden keels and glass, care should be taken to protect the various pipelines laid in the ceiling and walls; it is not allowed to fix the skykeels of wooden keels on ventilation pipes and other equipment;

Doors and windows installed at the construction site, the ground, walls, window sills, etc. that have been built, must be protected from damage;

Wood framing materials, especially glass, must be handled properly during receipt, storage and use to prevent warping, getting wet, damaged or contaminated;

Other professional materials should not be placed on the installed dragon wood frame and glass;

Protect the bulkhead by placing it on the brackets and using the 2 wooden planks after removing the protective cargo box as supports.